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It's like I never go out to date my gfs since the day I start working with my dad :(  But finally, last week I was able to meet my piggy before she go to Taiwan! *I blogged faster than her this time! She is still in Taiwan now!!! Enjoy, my piggy!

So, some random selca of myself before heading out HAHAHA. That day's make up not bad thou :p

I'm super in love with this lipstick colour now!!

Favourite photo of the day! :D

OOTD! I know I might look sad here but actually not la! It's just the sun is too bright lol

This one better? HAHA :))

Love this shot too! Credit to bf!

Selca in car again lolololll!

So we meet up at Singberry that day! At first we really got no idea where to go! Because nice restaurant in Ipoh is really super limited. :(  I guess everyone knows I'm a strawberry freak! Since Piggy never went there before so I suggest to her this place. They serve alot of things that is made of strawberries! :D

I always love to buy strawberries from them because they are so fresh!!

A lot of family and girls love to chill there!! Was packed that day!

Strawberry Cocktail! It's fresh strawberries serve with their special strawberry sauce and plum! Nice but I still prefer the normal one LOL.

Strawberry Sandwich! Nah, I know you might think it taste yucks! But nope!! It actually taste like ...... a sandwich! HAHAHA. Cause the taste of the egg is kinda heavy! But the strawberry make the sandwich more juicy!

Oh! My favourite! Strawberry Sorbet! This is so nice! They didn't add in any other ingredients! Only pure strawberry!!! Super smooth and yummy. The colour can really tell you I guess? ;)

It's time for our photossss!! HAHAHA

Yours truly and my piggy!

I look at her and...

She look at me LOL!!!

I tell her that my face is too round and she asked me to use my hand to cover my face, the illusion can make my face look smaller but I don't think it works on me? :(

She said she love my smiling face! :D

WTF! HAHA. She said I look like someone but I don't want to tell who's that! :P  Piggy! I think I look better than that 'someone' okay? HAHA

We both have chubby face!! :D But mine rounder :(

Fake candid!

And this is the real one lol! Piggy said this photo looks good! What do you think? :p

It has been months since we last met and we actually spend about 2 hours there? Only for chit chatting! HAHA. We always got alot of topic even though we don't have much mutual friend nor we don't met frequently! ;)

Hope to see you soon piggy! T_______________T

SINGBERRY – Freshly-plucked Strawberries from Cameron Highlands
11, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 6016-561 1221 / 6019-512 1166
Business Hours : 10.30am – 7.30pm
Closed on Monday.


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