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Went to #ChurpOut2013 last Saturday with Joanne to support our babe Jessica, Melissa and Lumi! It had been quite some time I didn't step into KL, super excited one you know? I know you might think KL only, why need to be so excited for it? It's because KL is really a shopping heaven for people like me that didn't shop for a few months and Ipoh got nothing good to shop LOL. And of course I also get to meet my babe at KL! 

Didn't get to go to #Churpout2012 last year but this year, YES! FYI, babe Jessica, Melissa and Lumi join this event as one of the vendor. They shared the same booth so Me and Joanne wanted to go and support them! *love!

 Me :3

The event was held at Setia City Park and it's kinda far from my place! And it was my first time there!

 The place is super big and alot of people came too!

Didn't get to sit on the bean bag to enjoy the good weather because it rained after we reached for
awhile! :(

The environment at Setia City Park is seriously awesome ! You will really feel like you're on escape from town when you're there. The greenery is super peaceful.

Yeap, you did'nt see that wrongly, Not kidding! Nothing more than RM50! And I also get something from Jessica HAHAHA

Their booth :D I bring my own photographer there *mybf  so you can actually see all of us in the photo HAHAHA :))

They sell alot of pretty pre-loved stuff and some of them is even new!! Guess you will have to wait next time for this stuff.

I wanna buy this luggage from Melissa with RM5 but she's a very bad one! She said she is willing to pay me RM10 and asked me to go find her one instead of her selling it to me HAHAHA

I pose to Bf while Jessica and Joanne were chit chatting but once I pose, both of them stop talking and pose to the camera too! They can always spot the camera I don't know why! HAHA

 Melissa! Can you please share with me on what did Lumi show you??? :p

 With babe Joanne!

 With babe Jessica. love chu!!! :*

 With pretty babe Melissa! She is really super tall as you can see she actually bent down her body LOL

With babe Lumi. She is really a petite girl and look at her face! Super small one! Mine was like a double of hers! WTF :(

Group photo! Me and Melissa got the same emotion in some of the photo HAHA :p
I will be missing you guys so much! :(  Don't know when will be our next gathering? T_____________T Please miss me okay!!

Besides fashion vendors, there are also some food and games vendors too! Such as Tedboy Bakery, KyoChon, WOW photobooth and so on!

Kyochon gave everyone free chicken and I really love their chicken so so much! Bf too! I even go and search about it the next day, wanna get it as our lunch! But I then realise that they will be opening on Nov :( You guys must really go and try someday!!

Get to see other famous blogger like Cheerserland, Fourfeetnine, Bobostephanie and so on but I'm too shy to request for a photo, so I just passed by their booth and look at them from far LOLOLOL.

We are damn unlucky that day, rain started to pour after we reach there for a while and it never stop wtf. So there's no more photo because my camera is not a waterproof one =_________=  So sorry :(

I choose the wrong time to wear a skirt too because the wind is super strong that day and my skirt is about to fly up HAHAHA

Joanne and me while waiting for the rain to stop but the rain just got heavier and heavier so most of the tenants pack up their things and leave too :(   We actually stop by WOW Photobooth's booth to try their photo booth, but due to the rain, they have to shut down the machine so we didn't get to try it :(

Last selca with Joanne before we leave :(

Us!! :D

Thanks bf for fetching and accompanying me there, love :*   And babe Jess, Joanne, Mel and Lumi, I really missed the time we were together! Too bad I can't always meet with you guys like last time but still I love you guys!! ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡


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