Eason's Life in Kuala Lumpur 2013!

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Went to Eason's Life Concert in Kuala Lumpur last 2 weeks after Churpout2013! I was pretty excited because it's my first time attending his concert! Not really a big fan of him but I love most of his cantonese song!! It was my 3rd time going for a concert this year, so lucky! :D

Thanks Celcom for the tickets! ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡

Too bad that day was a rainy day and the concert was held at Stadium Merdeka which is an open/outdoor stadium! :(

Everyone was wearing their raincoat. I tell bf that I look like Harry Potter or what HAHAHA. Too oversize!

We reached there about 7.30pm and we just sit under the rain, waiting for the concert to start lolololll. I think you can see the rain drops from this picture. Not too heavy but still, it makes everyone wet eventhough we are wearing raincoat.

Bf and I. Look at our hair! It's just like we are just done bathing. HAHAHA.

The concert started kinda late because there's a lot of late comers and some of those people havent got their seat. I don't know why they just can't be punctured? Concert only started around 8.45pm! Btw, I think god loves Eason too! Rain just stopped before the concert started! :D

So Eason is finally here!!! Right infront of my eyes!!

I think I just fell in love with him after that day! I love his smile!!! And of course his voice too! It's like the guy who I always saw on TV is now right infront of me! The smile, the voice, the body language is just so so so familiar!!!

My seat is quite near to the stage but not on the middle block :(  He is actually quite near to us but .... you know the theory of taking photo of moon by using your smartphone? Actual vs Reality.  That's it! LOL

 And yes, he comes to our side!! SO SO NEAR!!!

 I wave to him and I think he saw me and smiled with me too HAHAHAHA :p

 I personally love this outfit the most. Don't you think this is just so cute?!!

This scene is totally impressive! I can't believe my eye, it was like almost the half of the stage lift up and the height is kinda high! First time seeing this in concert.

This is not eason HAHA but I think this is quite cool too! They lift up this thing which acts like a cloud and there's someone up there standing upside down! What's epic is that, the person up there can even walk along the cloud.

 I'm so jealous of Eason's wife and daughter now!! :(

He came to us again when it's near the end of the concert.

He stand there for quite some time. I guess he just want to let us capture more photo, how caring huh? Everyone is so high, stand up and sing along with him! Ahhh, I miss that moment!

I did record some video too! Super clear one! Don't jealous okay? :p

I think most of guys know I always complain that my bf's photography skill sucks and he refuse to admit it! Today I got something to proof it to you guys, his skill is really.........

 I capture this for him!

And this is what he captured for me =______________________=  HAHAHA.

Listening to Eason singing live is almost like listening through a CD! I know it's high voice, but it's the feeling is so deep and the sound is super high quality! He didn't sang that much of his hits song but all of the song that he sang that day is related to his concert's theme, "LIFE". Such a meaningful concert! They do not have so much of a effect for this concert but his voice is all that matters! *thumbsup

I'm just so in love with him now! Can't stop singing his song after that night! I even did a mini cover of his song on SoundCloud, you can go and search for my name if you want HAHAHA :p


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