For the love of Beer, Oktoberfest Malaysia.

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It's Oktober and I know people always anticipate this month as it is the Oktoberfest Celebration and we people living in Malaysia will be celebrating it as well! When it comes to Oktoberfest, it's all about the love of beer, the lovable traditional BIG mug, and best of all Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier. Let me tell you beer lovers out there what is Paulaner 'Bier' as in German.

Paulaner Bier was first brewed by monks from the Paulaner monastery in 1634 making it almost 380 years old, however, it is still the "youngest" of the Oktoberfest Beers. Unlike the rest of Paulaner range that you can find, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier is not a wheat beer, instead it is a lager. In addition, like all Oktoberfest beers, Paulaner is approximately 13% or should we say about 6% alcohol, meaning, they are a little big stronger than their "non-Oktoberfest" variants. I know you guys out there are craving to sip some of that smooth foam from that beer head!!!

Well, wait no more, because Oktoberfest Malaysia is HERE! Yayyy!!! :D

For this month, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), the leading beer and stout company in Malaysia will be celebrating the iconic German Oktoberfest with an exciting consumer promotion that provides discerning beer drinkers with a special edition 1 liter Ceramic Oktoberfest Mug when they enjoy GAB’s iconic brews!

Drinkers and beer lovers can celebrate Oktoberfest with a series of themed parties across the country throughout the month of October. When it comes from GAB, be sure to expect evenings of delicious food from around the world, great fun with exciting contest, activities, promotion and most importantly GAB'S selection of award-winning beers which include Tiger, Guinness, Heineken and the official Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier brewed exclusively for the Oktoberfest Celebration. 

Apart from that, during these exciting events, you will be able to get special edition Oktoberfest Mug with a limited edition metal lid. I'm sure most of you guys are wondering how does the mug look like for this year, well, some hint for you guys!

Hint #1

Hint #2

Hint #3

I'm sure you guys would want to get your hands on one of this mug, therefore be sure to drop by early to reserve yours! :D

Want to know more about their event?
Be sure to 
check out Oktoberfest Malaysia Facebook Page to get updates on fun events and exciting promotions! -

See you there! ;)


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  1. One of the world's biggest lager celebration known as the Oktoberfest is held in Munich Germany in the month of October. A huge number of individuals will be in participation amid this sixteen day celebration where guests from everywhere throughout the world come to be a piece of the occasion. Be that as it may, this occasion is not just celebrated in Germany.