Dip 'n Dip @ Bangsar.

12:37:00 AM

Any Chocolate lover here?? I'm not a super chocolate freak but still I love chocolate lol! My friend has been recommending me to go to Dip 'n Dip to try out their dessert. So that day after dinner with bf at Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf , we went there for dessert! :D

Basically, It's a Chocolate sweets & Coffee House.

They sell few kinds of crepe, waffle and so on. Mostly all are chocolate flavour!

In case you can't make your decision on what to order, they even provide us "The Choice helper Page" to help you make a choice! Interesting huh?

You just simply close your eye and point on the menu and order whatever you have pointed HAHA. I think it's really useful for chocolate lover because almost all of them are made of chocolate HAHAHA :))

Dip 'n Dip is always full of people! Be ready to queue up, especially at night LOLOLOL. But we were kinda lucky that day, we got seated after waiting for 5 minutes!

 Brownies Crepe! Look super pretty one!! :D

I know you might think it's very light and thin, and after eating this, you can carry on with other chocolate, but the darkside of it is that it can actually make you super full!! Or maybe I just had my dinner right before this? HAHAHA. But still chocolate is something sweet, so I suggest you guys to share this.

Nom Nom! :3

We are super greedy and order a Fondant with Vanilla ice cream right after that LOL. What else is better than having a warm lava cake with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Look at the texture!! Soft and spongy.

Awww! Look at this!!!! The chocolate is very rich!!!! but we couldn't really enjoy this because we were super full after the brownies crepe HAHAHA :p

Their slogan are "A taste will make you :) ". I really :) after that, I mean kinda satisfied lol. If it's the first time of you visiting Dip 'n Dip, I would like to recommend you the brownies crepe hehehe! :D

Dip 'n Dip
Chocolate Sweets & Coffee House
Jalan Telawi 3, 59100Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 603-22015052
Opening hours: Sat-Thu 11:00am - 1:00am, Fri 2:30pm - 12:00am
Facebook: Dip 'n Dip


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