The Secret Garden Restaurant X Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.

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Finally a movie date! It's like so so long Bf and I didn't go for a movie date! Because he is super busy with his work and renovation for his new house. He can only come and look for me twice every month, and each time is just 2 days long!! :( 

So we went Secret Garden to have our dinner before the movie. Actually I insist to go to another place to have our dinner but the place was booked for some private function! Damn no luck! :(


Selca before going out :p  Love that day's make up so much! Not always can do a good make up one you know? HAHAHA :))

We were seated at the outdoor area because dining area for indoor was fully occupied!! Outdoor actually looks more romantic but it make me wanna cry.... because there are a lot of frogs jumping around me!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends knew that I'm so scared of frog one! I seriously almost cry out on the spot and Bf said I look like a baby girl =____________________= Bf can't really concentrate eating that day because he just kept on looking at those frogs, so that they won't get near to near me LOLOLOL.

 "Can I drink this" face HAHAHA :p

 Bf and I hehehe. I look so happy huh? :D

 My pork rib. It doesn't look good and tasted not really good as well HAHAHA. Not my cup of tea!

Bf's Terayaki Chicken Chop. This one is super nice and cheaper too if you were to compare it with my pork rib! :(

The Secret Garden Restaurant
Address: 42, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim
30350 Ipoh Perak.
Tel: 05-241 0412

So after that we went to watch Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2!! My favourite cartoon HAHA. I love Part 1 of the movie so much, so when I know Meatballs 2 is up on the theater, I whatsapp my bf and asked him to bring me go and watch it! Waited for so long already!

Part one is all about foods that drop from the skies and part 2 is the continuous movie of Meatball 1 but this time is not about food but foodnimals! Got mosquitoast, watermelophant and so on. Super cute one!!!

And this is my favourite foodnimal! Barry!!! I think you guys know I love strawberry so much one! HAHAHA. Barry is just super cute! I want a Barry too! :(

The movie's storyline is kinda smooth, expected and don't have a super extreme point or to make someone think. Can't expect too much for a cartoon movie right? But the graphic is cute and pretty! Dreamy girl like me will love this movie I guess as I'm so happy and excited for the whole movie HAHAHA.

If you love cute cartoon or you're a fans of Meatball 1, you should definitely go and watch it. Don't worry if you missed out the Part 1 of the movie, because you can still understand the whole Meatball 2 movie as it's quite a simple one! :D

Cheers. XOXO.

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