Nintendo 3DS XL!

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I'm very excited to blog about this HAHA. If you're following me on Dayre, you might know my bf got me a new toy but I didn't mention what's that yet on Dayre hehehe! Incase you don't know what is Dayre, it's something like a diary or a apps that allow us to write a short blogpost everyday with photo, video, location and cute stickers! I will always update my daily life short post or some sneak peek there lolll which will not appear on my blog, so do follow me there! It's available on Apps Store and also Android! My username: SUPERBAOER. ;)

Back to today's topic then! Bf actually got me a ......

Nintendo 3DS XL in Pink!!!!! *scream!

Bf wanted to get this console for me long time ago but I rejected him as I don't want him to waste so much money. Still, he insist to get me one as I can always play with it to kill some time whenever he's not around and we can play together online since he is working in KL HAHA! Thankiu my baby!

So the first that I got for this Pink 3DS XL is the Pokemon X!! I used to play Pokemon when I was a kid! I don't really know all the Pokemon character but I know how to play one okay? HAHAHA. I'm always a good gamer! B-)

If you are a fans of Pokemon, you must know there are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Each game got their own feature or special pokemon.  I go for Pokemon X same with my bf but his younger brother go for Pokemon Y! With this we can trade different Pokemon!

What's the difference between the previous pokemon game and this new one? There are major upgrades on the game mechanics, pokemon is cute, the graphic is nice and an introduction of something new, called Mega Evolution, great story line and so on! You just won't get bored of it! :D

Yayyy! My new toy with my favourite baby pink!

So this is how she look like!

Nintendo 3DS XL got 90% bigger screen than the previous Nintendo 3DS!

What I love the most is that the inner part of 3DS is actually White! Other's are all in black for the inner side!

Of course, bf got himself one too! He got the black one! I was actually in a dilemma whether to choose Black or Pink at first because I love how the black one looks like, it's so sleek while the Pink have a white border with sweet Pink. Nevertheless, since bf go for the black one and everyone said Pink suits me the most so ... Yea, still pink is the best HAHAHA.

Black is cool but my white one look more elegant lolll

Color really brings illusion and that's why I like to dressed in black HAHA. No idea why mine look thicker than Bf one! HAHAHA.

I played non stop since the day I got it but I promised myself not to be too addicted with it! Good girl huh? :p  But seriously, I enjoy alot catching those Pokemon and just so damn proud when I got those rare one hahaha. Now I understand why Bf wanted to buy this one sooo much before he actually bought it lol!

The topic between Bf and me now is always about Pokemon! I never think that I will be into this game so much lolll. Of course if my bf didn't get this for me I will never go get it for myself because I would think that shopping is still my first choice but luckily I'm the lucky girl! Thanks again baby! Can't wait to battle with you! BRING IT ON! BAHAHAHAHAHA :))

And I also created my WII character on the first day so this is my final one. Bf said it really looks like me, especially the dot on face LOL.

So I guess that's it! Gonna off and go for Pokemon! Spend almost 5 to 6 hours everyday on Pokemon! Opps!
Mario and Legend of Zelda is on my next list!!!

Bye! Pika Pika! :p


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  1. I just want to say congrats on your new'ish Pink/White 3DS XL and also a thank you. Know why? I was undecided between a Pink/White or a Black/Black. After viewing your photos of them side by side the Black/Black is def for me. Yes, I'm a dude LOL! Doesn't mean we can't sport a pink/white one yeah? Also if you're wondering how I found your blog I google'd "Pink/white black/black 3ds xl".

    Anyway thanks!

    1. Welcome! :D
      Pink is cool for guys as well, but I think guys suit black better. The reason I did this comparison because I do have dilemma at the beginning, LOL :P