Giveaway Winner!

1:37:00 AM

Thankiu to everyone who join the previous giveaway and also glad that most of you love my new blog layout!! :D 

So finally the winner of the giveaway is out! There are numbers of participant out there who didn't follow all the steps :(
 For this giveaway, my lil bro is the one who pick the lucky winner HAHA! It was really a random one because my bro know non of them and he is just 7 years old! 

The lucky one is Pei Pei Chua! My bro loves your name HAHAHA :P
 Congrats and I already drop you an email! :D

For whom, who didn't get to win in this giveaway, so sorry! But I promise there will be more giveaway for you guys in the near future! Hope it can be very very soon hehehe!!

Till then! XOXO.

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