Merry Christmas!

9:23:00 PM


I didn't go anywhere to celebrate nor count down but only stay at home, watching TV and blog here loll. Many people travel to HK/ TW or JP for count down celebration! *sojelly! Even my sis also went out for a xmas dinner with her bf! :(  But my bf is not around! He went back to his hometown already :(

I was terribly sick yesterday night! Non stop vomit and diarrhoea! Not sure is it because of the food I ate for dinner or what else, But I was glad that I have a caring bf hehehe. Once he know I am sick, he quickly called my sis and ask her to take care of me lol! Sometimes he does SMS to my mother too! So my mum came to my room and bring me some medicine. I feel much better today! :D

Didn't get any xmas pressie this year! Bf did secretly bought me a beauty box but I don't take it as a xmas present HAHA.

Btw, this is the first year that we got a xmas present for my lil bro! NOPE! It's Santa who got him the present HAHA! We asked him to write a letter to Santa and Santa will try his best to send him what he want! At first he was in a dilemma on choosing what present he wanted and he asked us : "Can I choose 2?" HAHA. How cute! But I rejected him by saying Santa don't have so much money to get you so many presents as there are still alot of children who is waiting him to bring them presents too lolll.

Sister is the one who is in-charge of getting the present! Yesterday bro asked me is it that once he wake up on the 25th December in the morning and he will see the present? I was like I'm not sure! Because I worried that my sis will forget to buy it and at that time, he will surely be dissapointed lolll.

So, Santa got him the PacMan he wishes for lolololll.

It can stretch it's tongue out one lolololll.

He was so so so happy this morning when he saw the present and he loves the PacMan too. He really believes in Santa now and he already know what he want for his next Christmas wtf! You may think that this Pacman is tiny and only have a few features but it is actually quite expensive! Nowadays kids' toys are really expensive! Like buying this toy can actually get me 2 clothes already lolll.

I guess we still have to act as Santa for a few years! Hope he won't request for an iPad/ iPhone or a Macbook next time HAHAHA.

I hope there's Santa for me too! *rollingeyes HAHA

Anyway, Merry Xmas peeps!

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