Pâtisserie BoutiQue.

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I always complain that Ipoh got very less choice of good cafe since I came back from KL. I missed those days when I'm in KL! Will always go and hunt for new cafe with bf every weekend but now I couldn't! :(  I know you guys might think or heard that Ipoh is famous with alot of good food, Yes, but its just like if you eat the same thing everyday you will also feel boring and it makes you wanna puke when you see the same food again and again eventhough they are good! And ... I have been eating the same thing for like 22 years HAHAHA.

But throughout this year, Ipoh is getting better and better. More and more franchise and new cafe is in Ipoh now! And I never stop trying whenever I heard there is a new cafe opening around the corner.

So this time I drag bf and ask him to bring me to this new cafe, Pâtisserie BoutiQue! Of course I researched on the review before I head to that place and most of the feedback's are good one! 

As usual, selfie in the car.

Coordinate of the day! Yes, the same outfit with my side banner photo! There >>> HAHAHA!
Got this Jumper from @HuiiCloset!! They are selling affordable and quality outfit! Only RM20 and the quality of this jumper is awesome! Superb! :D
Check out their shop now :: https://www.facebook.com/HuiiCloset ♡♡♡

Back to today's topic then lolll

The interior design is simple and nice, but the place wasn't that big. You might need to wait for your table sometimes, just like me lollll.

My order! Smoked Duck Aglio-Olio! This is highly recommended by others! Besides Smoked Duck, you can also add on beef bacon or salmon. But just believe me, go for smoked duck! It taste so so good! The texture is just like bacon, soft and juicy!

Nom Nom Nom HAHAHA!

Bf's Smoked Duck & fresh dill Alfredo!  At first I thought my Aglio-Olio is the perfect dish to go for but then when I tried bf's Alfredo, it proves me wrong!!! Alfredo ze best!!!! I love how to sauce taste like! Not too creamy and the sauce make the smoked duck even smoother! But it will be better if it comes with a poached egg lol!!!

I ate more than half bowl of my Aglio Olio and half bowl of bf's Alfredo! Bf was shocked that I could eat that much too HAHAHA. I'm really happy that Ipoh now do have some nice pasta too :D

We also ordered 2 pieces of scones. Recently I was searching for one of the best scones and this was okay but still it doesn't satisfy me! I don't know how to explain to you about my satisfaction because I haven't found any scones that really really really satisfy my taste buds :-S

I was very impressed with their pasta so I wanted to bring my sis to go and try them on the following weekend! But too bad, they didn't serve pasta on that week because they got different menu on different week :(

But still, we were able to try other new things :)

Salmon Quiche. It was quite good but I didn't ate that much of it as my brain was just filled with PASTA PASTA PASTA! :'(

Strawberry Chocolate Tart! I'm the classic strawberry lover huh?
No matter what's that and it comes with strawberries I will also ON lahhhh! HAHAHA!
The strawberry was so so good and fresh! wtf HAHAHA
But the chocolate filled is too sweet for me :(

Pâtisserie BoutiQue!
Address: 103, Jalan Sultan Yusuff, 30000, Ipoh, Perak.
Phone: 05-2411385
Business Hours: 11am to 6pm. Closed on Wednesday!
Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/Patisserie.BoutiQue


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