Some thoughts when I was sick...

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Didn't update my blog for a week because of the stupid internet that reached its' quota and it was only refreshed yesterday. I wanted to blog immediately when it's refreshed, but I got sick right after the internet is back :(  My head was freaking pain until I almost fainted and it also affect me from having fever, vomit and even low blood pressure! Went to consult doctor at night because I really can't bear with the pain anymore and my parents are worried that I will get infected with denggi or anything *Someone stay next to my house got denggi and was sent to hospital last week wtf! 

I become very weak after a serious sick I got when I was 12. I got sick at least once a month, headache / migraine at least twice in a month and it makes me get used to sickness HAHA WTF. Not really get used to la but I know I can just easily get sick.

When I'm sick, I think alot, and when I think alot, I got that much of thoughts/ feeling or experience *lololol I have to express it out, such as...

Who cares for you the most!
Your family and your loved one will be the one who worried about you. They are the one who feels emotional when they saw you suffering and to fight against your sickness.

Not all doctors are friendly one!
You know what? Some doctors is really so fierce that they would eventually throw their temper at their patients. Like sometimes I will ask them "Can I do this or eat that?" and he will said "Did I said cannot or don't? If I didn't, it means okay la!" T________T

You hate injection, but you wanted are begging for doctors to inject you with vaccine/medi!
I was in this condition yesterday! I got this super headache since morning until night and I couldn't even sleep. I hate injection but yesterday was different, I actually beg the doctor to inject me with something so that I'm relief from this headache. The level of pain-ness is unbearable.  But then the doctor said he can only give me the strongest medi to slowly relief it :(  I know it's weird but I was disappointed to not get any injection. WTF

You thought you are going to die soon!
HAHAHA! Sometimes I do have this feeling or I will imagine a scenario that is 100 times worst than what I'm suffering. Such as I'm having a normal headache, but I will imagine, am I having tumor or something *touchwood *CHOI!!* Will it explode one day? And more "What if?" DAFUQ! So emotional and depressing one!

You want more MC but doctor said "NO!"
Awwww This is the saddest part in having fever! When you feel like you deserve to have more MC and you asked the doc to give more, it ends up by him telling you that YOU'RE ALRIGHT, YOU DON'T NEED THEM! Take some pills, and you should be able to WORK tomorrow!!


You just can't sleep!
You can hardly sleep when you're sick. You got so much time to sleep but you just can't! But when you are fine in a healthy body, you will miss those days of when you're sick. Not to say that I wanted to be sick, what I want is the precious moment of when you can sleep anytime, anywhere. Dilemma huh?

Cuddling level up! 
I always wanted to cuddle and manja when I'm sick. I don't know why but cuddling and hug does makes me feels better lol!

Diet ON!
When you are sick you can't take in any extra food or sometimes none, and it's the best time for u to lose some weight. Or you can also make it to be the starting point of your diet plan. Wtf. Make sense huh?

I'm sure halfway through, you are already thinking that I'm actually bullshitting lolololll.  This is actually the symptom symptom of getting sick and not being able to sleep. The doctor wanted me to get some rest and sleep but I just can't. So I'm here to blog about nonsense and also to kill some time.

And I think the medi effect is starting to attack me and I think I should just take a nap now LOL. kthxbye.


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  1. well...i'm having the same thought like you..
    remember tat i actually told you i was sick for one week last year?
    i really tot i'm going to die !!!!! i cried and whole night didnt sleep..
    haha... i nt dare to tell anyone... ppl might think i'm crazy...
    this thought had been tortured me for almost one week....
    feeling scared every night...
    then i think it might be the side effect of taking too much of medicine..
    ppl easily get worry, & nervous...
    lucky gt ppl same with me.. if not i have to consult 心理医生了。。。

    from Creamy CCM