Ferringhi Garden Restaurant.

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Ello! Time to continue blogging about family trip to Penang. HAHA! If you miss out the previous post, you can find it HERE. Of coz, since this is a family before, I wanted to bring my family to a good restaurant as it has been a long time since they leave Ipoh for such trip, so I prepare, research and double check with my Penang friend to make sure that the place we went is perfect regardless of food, accommodation and etc. HAHA. I wanted to treat them for this meal but my dad rejected me, so... Ok lurrr HAHAHA! :P

Anyway, we went to Ferringhi Garden Restaurant for our dinner as our hotel and the restaurant are both located at Batu Ferringhi. It's very convenient as we wouldn't need to drive all the way to town for our dinner and I'm sure my parents will be tired after such long day at the beach. HEHE

PS:// Some photo might be quite blurry one. Everything is bf's fault! I don't know is it he was too hungry or what until almost all the photo that night was blurred. He gave me excuses saying he is testing with the camera blurred EFFECT. Yeah right, effect that I've never seen before. LOL

But still... bare with me and continue reading okay? *rolling watery innocent eyes

Blurry photo number 1 HAHA. Well, you can see, the restaurant is quite big, but it was raining that day and everyone have to move indoor for their dinner and it was weekend, everywhere was packed jammed. We didn't book for our table!!!! Luckily luck is with us and there are table available, or else my dad would have kill me because everyone is hungry that time.

The interior design is more to heritage, romantic, relax and greeneries.

You can also see how their chef cook! Whether their kitchen is clean or not, you decide! Windows are open wide and I'm sure their chef do get things done perfectly. Things like that is good, we can observe whether their chef got dig their nose or not while cooking HAHAHA wtf.

See! It was really super pack one ah that day!

I really love how their decorate their outdoor landscape and would really love to our dinner there, too bad the rain spoil everything.

The "actor", my bro, who don't even look at the menu insisted to have it infront of him, even it's for him to flip it.

Okay, foodie time! *nomnom

Oriental Chicken Chop.

Grilled Chicken.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken!

Pasta - Marinara.

My Grilled Alaskan Black Cod! I can't tell how much I love Cod fish! I love how tender they are! Give me a cod fish NOWWWW!!

Char Grilled Salmon!

Okay, overall the food is great but the price is a lil bit higher for what they served. Our dinner costs about RM400 for the 6 of us. The portion of the food is not that generous enough I would say if they were to serve my dad, but on my bf's opinion, it should be just fine! I personally think that, eventhough their food is a lil bit pricey, it's worth to pay a visit especially with your love one as they do have great atmosphere and environment!  Not to forget, they do have good services, as parking is available behind the restaurant and it's very convenient  :D I guess I would still pay a second visit as they are a few more food that I would like to try, such as their fresh Lobster and Tiger Prawn hehe!

Finally, my super blurry OOTD, credited to my bf HAHAHA! :P

For more info or good quality photography lol,  kindly visit Ferringhi Garden Restaurant Facebook

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant
34A, B & C, Jalan Batu Ferringhi,
11100 Batu Ferringhi, Penang
Tel: 04 - 881 1193
Business Hours: 4:00pm - 12:00am


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