Family short escape @ Golden Sands Resort.

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Went to Penang for a short family trip on a random public holiday end of last year HAHAHA. As what I had said before, my parents work for almost 365 days a year! Dad hate jam, hate waiting, hate to pack. He hates everything lolll. So this is actually our very first family trip after my bro came to this world. It means, at least 7 years we did not have any family trip even in domestic area, Malaysia  =_____________=

My lil bro cute ah? HAHA! He loves my Hater snapback so much! Even it was only a 2 days 1 night super short trip, but you won't know how excited he was! It's his first time to Penang lolll. What make him even happier is that my bf joined us too! Bf is the driver of the day and my bro just loves him!

The usual selca in car :p  This contact lens look so awkward on me! :( 

My sis currently studying in Penang so we went to fetch her for some lunch and shopping before we head to our hotel! :D The best thing to shop with papa is that we don't have to pay for anything! HAHAHA! Spoiled kids!!! :P

We stayed at Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferringhi this time! Dad loves the atmosphere there, he want to chill himself out there. :)

We booked the Executive Suite for this trip which our room is facing the sea and with a super wide balcony!

This is the view from our balcony!

This suite is quite big and suitable for family! This is only one side of the room!

It has a connector and it connect to...

Here! HAHAHA! Once reach only, the room become so messy already! It does has a pull-down Murphy bed and the sofa can be combine into a super King Size Bed one loll.

There are 2 washroom in this suit. One with bathtub one without. I love how they decorate their interior and the design looks good! Very relax and harmony one. It cost about 1.2k for one night thou!

Some photo of me that was taken at the balcony. As you can see the balcony is really so wide and long one! They even provide us with 2 chairs at the balcony. My bro loves to sit there and look at the seaview while my dad have a sip of beer and sleep. His favourite activity. HAHAHA.

Omo omo!! I love this shoot by bf!!

Imposible there's no selca of mine! :P

I even did a Beach Nails to match with this trip! Yea, I did it myself! *proud :P

The very first thing we do after settling down is to change into our swimsuit and get ready to jump into the pool! My bro with his new swimsuit and his Tom and Jerry float :D

While waiting for my sis to change into her swim suit!

Wanna act like I have a pairs of long legs but ended up with ... fat legs T_________T

Ello swimming pool!! Bf capture this awesome shot! Saw that kid flying in the photo? HAHAHA!

Macam yes pose *laugh!

The first time my bro swim with us and also his first time swimming I guess. He's super nervous and afraid of dropping into the water one lolll.

And then we also went to the beach to have some beach game! I know I look so tanned in this photo! :(

The so called beach game wtf HAHAHA!

Love this shot too! Super flat I know I know okay? :S But don't you feel I look kinda like those professional swimmer? In fact, I don't really know how to swim!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Love the sky love the beach eventhough the beach wasn't that clean LOL!

First day was basically to stay in the hotel, chill, beach-out, eat, sleep! Because they we wanted to have our family time rather to face the traffic outside. This is how a holiday should be!  ♡♡♡

Stay tuned for next update!


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  1. You're skinny okay :D I love your body shape hahaha!