I finally graduated!

2:25:00 PM

Just as what my title show! Finally I graduated from Bachelor Degree! Actually I finished everything last year but convocation was only held last Saturday! It was actually a big day for me and my family as I'm the first in  Tang's family to graduate! *feeling proud! Eventhough my result wasn't that good but still, I graduated okay? :P

Btw, I guess most of you realise that I actually dye my hair black! But it started to fade away so it's slightly brown now. Kinda looks natural! :D

So my convo was held at Grand Hall which is located in Utar Perak Campus. Dad and mum actually had their shop closed for one day just for my convocation! My dad never close his shop before, except there is public holiday! Not every public holiday, only those major one like festive season. So you know how important this day is! HAHA!

What's even special is that my lovely Tong Tong came Ipoh to join us too!

2 blurry one HAHA. I bought this dress for her from BKK!

With Coursemates!

Graduated with my Oppa! hehehe!

Gf came to visit me too! She used to call me HONEY one lolololll! She is my housemate for the pass 4 years and also my soul-mate in the secondary school! 

I think look like Harry Potter with the convocation attire HAHA! Shoulder super wide one!

Bong Bong, yours truly and honey creamy!

Best companion throughout my degree life! We used to meet each other almost everyday! We do still meet up after graduate!

The special one also came to see me! With flowers too! Honey Creamy, Dear Dear Jc and her bought me this flower! Awwwwww! So sweet of them!! *Jc didn't come to my convo but she wants me to mention her here :p Hello, I was abit heartbroken for not having you that day!! But it looks like she wanna propose to me or what! :p They know I actually dislike receiving flowers but it's from their true heart that is important. Appreciate much my bffs!

We were asked to queue outside of the hall and to walk in row by row after the ceremony started! It's kinda like a wedding dinner you know? So nervous one! HAHA! But we look like waitress trying to bring in various types of dishes. LOL!

From there, we will go up to the stage one by one to take our cert from the guest of honor and our photo & gratitude messages will also be shown on the projector! This is what my bf wrote! It makes everyone laugh so loud HAHA!

It's my turn and I'm on the stage already! Spot me? :P

Gratitude message from spoilt kids to parents HAHAHA! My photo is quite cute one. I was still with my pink hair that time!

I seems to be very nervous LOL!

I think the best thing I got from UTAR is my bf! We met each other here and graduate together! So many memorable things happen here. Love ya 

Family portrait? lolololll

Swag one! B-)

Super Model wannabe! HAHAHA!

Tong Tong loves bf so much!

She always smile when bf hugs her but cry when it's my turn =___________=

This is the real family portrait! :D  Oh ya, mama bought me pretty flowers too! I rejected her at first but she said everyone will carry flowers too, she don't want me to be left out. HAHA.

And with bf's family one! hehehe :)

If you ask me how's my feeling, I would answer you, I don't feel anything special before this until everyone is there to wish me, accompany me and also to cheers for me. My dad even said, he almost burst into tears when he saw me on stage. That time I feel abit proud of myself, seriously! :p

I do miss the time we study for our course, I don't have to work or to think bout other things beside assignment and exam but life goes on! It's like the working future is really happening! What makes me abit depressed is that 4 years of degree life wasn't a short one but I could only stand on the stage for 1minute plus, wtf! I mean they should give us a few minutes to deliver a speech HAHAHA!

So, I'm officially jobless now, anyone wants to intro me some good job? HAHA! And Thanks for the wishes all over Instagram and Facebook! Appreciate it! XOXO! :*

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