Mokuren Japanese Cuisine.

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Besides Korean food, I also love Japanese Cuisine so much! I miss Sushi Zanmai so much after I went back to Ipoh and I thought are no delicious Japanese cuisine in Ipoh, until I found Mokuren! There's one day when I randomly ask can anyone recommend me some nice Japanese Cuisine in Ipoh and guess what? A few of my friends also recommend me to try out Mokuren! Mokuren is not a new restaurant actually so I have to admit that I'm more up to date and to only know more about KL's restaurant compared to Ipoh one. *sofailed! 

Their interior design is pretty simple, very clean and comfortable!

We were so lucky to get a table without reservation because my friend told me that they are always fully booked! I think you guys can also see it from the photo. Almost all table were reserved!

OMG! I love their Tamago so so much! I'm actually Tamago lover and I tried alot of Tamago from various Japanese restaurant and up till today, not much of a Tamago can actually satisfy me! But then this is really not bad! :3

I want it nowwww!!! Btw, this is the photo that we took on our first visit so you can actually see I'm still with my long fringe LOL.

My Salmon & Roe Don! It also comes with marinated mushroom! This combination made everything so perfect as the mushroom is abit salty so you won't feel it is too greasy or bored by only eating the salmon! Guess what? It's like the first time I see so many thick sliced salmon in a bowl! HAHAHA! No kidding!

Terayaki Cod Fish! Oh Nom Nom~

A very huge Tobiko! Maybe you can't really see how huge it is but I can tell you that the size of one piece of this is almost the size of 2 portion of what other japanese restaurant served!

Soft shell crab hand roll! Did I tell you that I'm also a fans of Soft Shell Crab? It's like I'm a fans of all tasty food! HAHAHA!

And finally, which impressed me the most, the dish called - Salmon Lover! Just like the name, if you're a salmon lover like me, you just can't miss this dish! Salmon Lover is all about salmon HAHAHA. They serve salmon in 3 different ways using different parts of the salmon.

Look! Thick or not the salmon? And they taste so so so good!!!! The salmon is so fresh and it tender and it won't be too oily! Very juicy some more! OH NO!!!!! Just a very wrong timing for me to blog here now :(

I love everything that they served because their ingredient is so fresh and the price is reasonable or you can say it's quite cheap if you are to compare it to others! I did go back to visit them for a few times and I also brought my sis and bro along too! They love their food alot! My sis even celebrate her valentines day there with her bf! HAHA!

Tips: I would like to suggest you guys to make a reservation first if you don't want to wait, especially dinner time. Btw, they also serve set lunch at noon and it is so so so cheap as well!

I think it's time for me to go back again......."START THE CAR"...... :p

Mokuren Japanese Cuisine (pork-free)
Address: 20, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 
Telephone : 605-545 6513
Business Hours : 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays.


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