Bangkok Trip Day1 @ Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Attention please:: I'm here to blog about my Bangkok Trip which happened last year wtf  Don't throw me stone please HAHA! 

Reasonw why I delay it for so long:: 
- Laziness
I got so much thing to blog, got so many things to share with you guys, so keep on having to postpone & postpone. *Editing photos is also very tiring one!

- I almost lost all of the photos from this trip forever! 
I used to save all my photos in my hardisk and there's one day, I just can't detect my hardisk!!!
When it show up in my desktop, it shows nothing was inside the hardisk!! Which means everything is gone!!!!!
I was quite calm at first because I thought bf have backup photos from the trip but then when I asked him, he said NO!! OMFG!!! Then I try google it on ways to fix it! Try and try and try!
Finally one of the recovery software works but it takes few days to recover everything that is inside the hardisk. Sometimes it stop half way and I will have to restart the process over and over again T_______________T
It takes like a few months to finish this whole recovery process but I'm still not sure whether I got all the files or not...FML!

Reasons why you should still read it::
- It's because I got a few pretty photos HAHAHA wtf wtf
- All places that I'm going to blog still exist and haven't bankrupt! Still up to date one!
- It takes alot of effort for me to edit those photos and to type it all out here :p
- It helps you to kill time! Better than nothing to read right? HAHA! 

Enough of this special yet uninteresting opening HAHA! Let's get started!

It was my first trip with BF! Like both of us going to BKK and I thought dad was not going to allow us to go, just US... HAHA! Unexpectedly, everything was APPROVED!! So we were damn excited that time and take it as a pre-honey moon lolololll.

First day reached safely and this is our hotel, Baiyoke Sky Hotel, it's Thailand tallest building it feels excited, HAHA.

We still can't check in when we reached, it was quite early that time, and so we just leave our luggage at lobby then went out to start our Day 1 adventure! Before that, I actually went to their washroom and ......... make up because I was so damn lazy to put on makeup early in the morning when I took the flight HAHAHA.

This is the view from our hotel lobby. It's a great place to stay coz it's located at the center of the town and going to shopping malls, streets and pasar malam is quite convenient.

Our first destination was Chatuchak Weekend Market. It's the largest market in Thailand! We took tuk tuk there and it only cost us about 30 Baht for both of us!!! Following with its' name Weekend Market, Chatuchak only open on weekend! Here you can find people selling tons of goods such as foods, clothing, household items, handicraft, plants and also pets!

Tips: Try to bargain for everything but not F&B la! Because they usually mark up the price for the clothings as they expect customer to nego LOL. Depending on quality, the average price for one apparel can be from 30-50 Baht and 50-100 Baht, this price should be fine, more than that, it's a no go.

I am still with my fighting fish hair that time lolll.

Bf nag me and wanted me to buy him food because we didn't eat anything on plane nor in KL! Shopaholic me! Once reached then my mind only got 'shopping' 'shopping' and 'shopping'!

Baoer's theory: If you want your bf to be quiet and accompany you to shop, feed him first! HAHAHA!

Bf got attracted to this Bacon Stick so we bought some to try! And yeah it taste super duper good! It's a combination of sausage wrap bacon. The bacon was so yummy and juicy!! Until today, my bf always tell me about it and how much he missed it LOL!

I was quite slim that time, even my butt is also quite flat but now ... I completely changed to another person! DAFUQ!

It started rain after we reached there for awhile and we didn't bring our umbrella along. Damn no luck that day! :(  Regardless of raining, we still continue our adventurous journey like a baus!


I'm a fan of Almond so I go for the Almond Chocolate Banana!

This pose looks so wrong........ HAHAHA!!
But you know what? This chocolate banana really really really impressed me!!! It was covered with plenty of Almond and chocolate. The fillings of the banana is the best, when you bite it, it feels cold and with the combination of both, it is like ice cream with banana flavour as the taste of the banana is super rich! Holly You just don't know how much I love it! Words can't describe how much I'm craving for this Chocolate banana! I almost wanted to salute to the seller HAHAHA!

There are also a few restaurant or cafe along the streets where you can enjoy and sip some beer while listening to their local song from their local DJ. Authentic Thailand feel.

Ice stick!

There got a lot of clothes stall or shop but the price wasn't really so cheap!

Local food! We didn't get to try them because there were not enough time for me to shop HAHA

We saw this Moo Moo Cow Truck with a long queue and then we join in the queue too wtf.

All you have to do is to press this big white button and it will sound "MOO!!!" Then the drinks will drop out from the truck and its free!!!

It's some kind of yogurt drinks! I got the Orange flavour and Bf got the apple one hohoho!

One of the hit stall at Chatuchak Market!

Coconut ice cream!! You can even choose your own topping!

For the topping, I go for corn! Everything that is mix or made of corn taste so so good! This Ice cream also!! Damn smooth and it's tasted like you're eating a real coconut just that in a form of Ice Cream! AHHHH I want it now! But I heard that there's something similar at Taman Connaught, Cheras Pasar Malam now but I haven't get to try them! D:

You won't know who I met there! I saw famous blogger, Yan Kay Kay there OMG! She was so so so pretty but I was too shy to ask for a photo HAHA.

About 6pm the rain get heavier! Most of the shops and stalls were closed and we had to go since shops are all closed. So we tried to get a cab to go back to hotel and it was raining, so no tuk tuk is nearby that area! And you know what? Those taxi drivers wanted to charge us 300 Baht just to get back to our hotel! The reason is that it was raining and the area is quite ham. But Hello, I just paid 30 baths to there and now you said you want 300baths! Are you freaking kidding me?!

I'm those very stubborn people! I refuse to pay the 300 Baht because it was unacceptable or should I say RIDICULOUS! If you said 100 to 150 Baht, I might still consider for it but 300 Baht, I can go there by tuk tuk for 10 times already!

300 Baht wasn't a big amount but I can't let them to take advantages of me just like that! What's more frustrated is that, according to the law, the were suppose to use meter and if meter were used, the price would not be that unreasonable. So we walk back inside and tried to get to the BTS Station.

My hair gone wet and my make up was gone too FML. What's even funny is that we actually don't know which station to stop but I think it wasn't that hard to spot the highest tower right? HAHA. We try to ask at the information counter but they gave us the wrong way, so we have to take a cab back to the hotel from the wrong BTS station that we stopped by. PS: BTS ticket plus cab did not cost more than 150 Baht and with that, we can reached our hotel!

This is how our room looks like.

Quite wide one! Will got more photo on the other post! :D

We quickly bath and go out to hunt for our dinner!

There's a MCD, just nearby to our hotel! My first try on Samurai Pork Burger! It was so so nice! The meat was juicy than every burger in MCD Malaysia! No wonder everyone go there must eat this one! Even their fries are tastier than ours! All crunchy and not those types of soft feelings which is filled with air lolll. Besides, they also doesn't served chilli sauce but Thai sauce! It makes you feel like you are in Thailand now and yes we are. HAHA

Happy girl with big fries and soft drinks! And the have Coke SIZE XL, which is the double of our large coke. Satisfying!!

This is the night scenery of our hotel! Really damn tall! That night we just walk around and get back to our hotel for a good rest!

Selfie before removing make up LOL.

I actually took alot of photo but I look so tired and pale in most of the photo, so I just don't want to upload them. I won't give any chance to my haters to attack me HAHAHA. Just kidding la. No one wants to show others their ugly faces, especially girls right? hehehe

Till then.


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