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Blog closed for a few days due to maintenance and FINALLY!  I guess most of you already realise the huge changes of my blog? HAHAHA :p Yea, finally I got my own domain and also the changes of my blog template!! Pretty or not? Nah you are only allow to say YES, VERY NICE! HAHAHA!

This time the theme is basically more to girlish, flowery and sweet feel, lol. You might see it's quite simple but it actually so complicated and time consuming for me! You know sometimes things just don't go the way you wanted. I always thought it will be a very easy template to create loll. From brainstorming the idea, designing, editing,coding, registering the domain, try & tested, repeat over and over again just to get the better or to make it perfect! When things don't work like what I expected, it really goes beyond frustration but now, look at my blog, I think it's totally worth it!

Of course, I need to thanks Bf, his bro and his cousin for lending me a hand! They really helped me a lot! Without them, I might take a thousand years to finished this! Kamsahamnida! :D Feel very thankful that I can now sip a cup of tea and start blogging here hehehe! Very motivated to blog on such lovely blog HAHA!

At first I was struggle in choosing what domain to use, it's either or But I think you know what I finally choose right lol? SUPERBAOER is actually my username on a few social media platform and why superbaoer? It's actually because of the first couple shirt that Bf got for me, it was from DC Comics Store and the design is from Superman character.. HAHA. And then Bf and his friend started to called me 'superbaoer' whenever I wear that shirt. My lecturer in uni even called my bf Superman in class HAHA. Besides, before choosing this domain, I also asked for some opinion in Facebook and Twitter, and everyone asked me to go for SUPERBAOER.COM! I think it's quite easy to remember too, right? Save my new blog domain into your brain now! Btw, if you were to visit or key in my previous blog domain, it will also link and bring you back to the current new domain! Incase you guys just really forget my new domain URL. LOL

 Oh ya, the bear with me on my header is actually a birthday gift from my dad when I was 12!

My lil bro named it as Mr.Bear! He is still looking good, and in good shape eventhough he is very old now HAHA. I just feel like introducing him to you guys lollll.

So, to celebrate my new or should say my "reborn" baby blog, I would like to have a giveaway for you guys, all my lovely readers! Thank you for coming here, to be reader and to be part of my life.. hehe. ♡♡♡

I will be giving out 5 things together.

 The pretty fake lashes, The Lash Expert from Stage.

Maybelline's The Hyper Curl Waterproof Volume Mascara. It's one of my must item for eyes make up lolll.

2 pieces of SexyLook Mask from Tawiwan and one Lavender Purple Eyes Shadow from Elianto!

So, it's 5 things in total. I know it's not any luxury item but it's a little thing that I wanted to share with you guys! :)

How to enter this giveaway?

1. LIKE this blog post! There are 2 Facebook LIKE buttons in my blogpost. One at the beginning and another at the end of this post. Simply click one of them :)

2. Click HERE and Follow me on Facebook! Follow and to NOT ADD as friend only. You can skip this step If you're already my Facebook friend.

3. Share this blogpost with caption "#superbaoergiveaway". Hashtag allow me to search for your post easily and remember to set your post as Public, or else I might not able to see them :(

4. Leave a comment down below with your Facebook name followed by your email address!

And you are done now! Good Luck! 

Giveaway open for Malaysian only, sorry :(  Btw, guys can also join this giveaway too! You can give it to your mother, sister or girlfriend HAHA :p

I will randomly choose One winner! Giveaway valid till the lucky seven, 7th December 2013, Saturday! 

Good luck everyone! And do leave a comment about what you think about my reborn baby hehehe!


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  1. albee tang
    email :

    hey baoer, your blog looks so nice !! the picture is so sweet !!!! support you always !! hope can win in this give away !!

  2. Kelvin Chew

  3. Mscreamy chan

  4. J'z Qian Qian

  5. Congrats on having your own domain! Your new blog design looks lovely and welcoming <3

    Facebook name: Li Na

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway ^.^

  6. I like your new header and background! Very girlish and stay sweet.. :D

    Facebook Name: Ginny Kek

  7. Facebook name: EvoNne Yee

    nice layout design! love the vintage flowers look <3

  8. Eunice Khor

    We are facebook friend since you start blogging :)

  9. The new design is just eye-catching and so girlish, it's kinda my style and I really love it <3

  10. Awesome article.

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