Victoria Rossa English Tea Room.

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Food post again! I guess I'm now more to a food blogger? HAHAHA. And this is also why I gained alot recently!! :(

Went to Victoria Rossa at Penang to try their afternoon tea set! Yayyy! Love high tea the most! Don't you think that high tea just make a girl looks more feminine or more of a 'princess' ? LOLOLOL.

Selca with different angle which is different than usual HAHAHA. My lashes quite pretty ho? :p

Bf always like to play and style his hair in the car, so I gave him this enough-la aka duck face HAHAHA

So here we go! Victoria Rossa! Pretty or not?!
If you think the exterior of the shop looks pretty, wait till you see what's inside.

 Taadaa, their interior design! Going into such environment do have a super princess and romantic mood!

Even their decoration also plays the same characteristic, PRINCESS and rich ROYAL women!

They seated us inside a small room! It's kinda like a private room compare to the one outside. So pretty one you know? It feels we are the Royal people around here lolololll.  I brought along my aunt, uncle and my favourite baby girl Tong Tong with us too! :D

The view from our room. I think I blocked almost all of it HAHAHA

I love their wallpaper so much! Want it for my room :(

Since the wallpaper is so nice, I must not miss this chance to take photo with it LOL. The #OOTD.

Here's the Menu. Everything is just goes so floral!

We order the Old English Afternoon Tea for 2.  It comes with a pot of tea too :)

Orange Meringue and Afternoon Almond Cookies.

Scones with Strawberry jam and butter. So craving for scones right now!!!

Sandwiches and 2 butter cakes! The baby girl loves butter cake so much so I ordered another one for her after that hehehe!

I don't remember what flavour we choose already but they got alot of choices! You can ask them to recommend you on what kind of flavour you like, fruity, black tea, herbal tea, just name it.

I love the cup's design so much! So So So elegant! I guess for different types of tea they use different design or color for the pot and cup to match with the theme, feeling or taste! But all of them are pretty!

Pose with the pretty cup!

Say HI to my pretty baby princess!!!! Ahhhhh Super miss her!! The waitress is sweet enough to give Tong Tong her own set of plastic polka dot cutie cup!

My heart just melt like that whenever I see her ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡

She is so adorable, isn't it?

Her chubby face and the round eyes kills alot of people! HAHAHA. Many people say she is so cute whenever we bring her out lollll. Is like my daughter, I'm so proud of her HAHAHA

After that, we bring that chubby girl for a walk.  Bf loves her more than me -_____- They were looking at the birds resting on the tree. Tong Tong loves Bf, birds, food, and many more, it's just that she don't seems to like me so much. She don't want me to hug her but always want bf to hug her :( Perhaps I'm chubby like her too? HAHA

I know her hair is so curly HAHA. Bf always said that he wanna kidnap her and let her be our baby lolll. He really loves her!

I don't know what my sis is doing at the back HAHAHA :))

Enough of my cutie pie princess photo! I always sounds like a mother when I talk about Tong Tong hahaha. Back to today's topic! So the tea set was okay but it will be better if there's cake, you know I'm a cake lover! That's why I think KL one would be better for me. But the environment wins everything. It's a good place for girls to have high tea and selca HAHAHA. Not to mention, their service is so so good too!

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room
Location: No.33, Jalan Irrawaddy, 10050 Penang. (opposite Harvest Inn)
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily); Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 04-2269128
Facebook Page: Victoria Rossa English Tea Room


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