Happy 4th Anniversary!

1:40:00 AM

It's our 4th Anniversary yesterday! Couldn't blog on time because I'm sick since Sunday. Went to consult doc and he said I might be having Dengue Fever  =____________=

Anyway, time flies. I can't believe it has been 4 years of me facing this fatty boy. HAHAHA. And we still love each other! *blushing!

We didn't go for any romantic celebration yet because we just had a family trip last weekend and he after that he had to rush back KL to work :(  But celebration ain't really important for me as there's always an anniversary each and every year LOL.

I'm really glad to have him by my side! I think no one else will think we can last for so long, even myself lol! It's not that I don't want to get a new bf, it's just that I can't find someone better than him! I'm a big queen to him, rather than a princess :P

He is very caring, sweet and a tender guy. Whenever I'm sick, he will take care of me all of night long, just like last night before he went back to KL at 4am from Ipoh. I always have bad headache and everytime it happen, he will help me to massage my head until I fall asleep! If I'm awake in the midnight, he will automtatically wakeup from his dream and help me massage again! You might think it's just a small matter but for me, I take it as a very sweet thing as I could't wake up again after I fall asleep HAHAHA!

My dad always asked him why he can stand or tolerate my bad temper and he will always answer He loves my bad temper! HAHAHA :))  He is the one who can accompany me to shop for 24 hours without any complaints! Even if he is to walk until bleed he will also never voice out, just because he know how much I love to shop hehehe!

One more thing! He don't mind to bend down and help tie up my shoes in public which is what my dad couldn't understand lolololll. It's not that I don't want to do it myself but sometimes when I'm wearing a skirt or dress, it's not that good to bent down! Girls, you know what I mean!

Oh yea, we do fight and its quite often, like 3 days once? HAHAHA. But winner is always me! Why me? It's just that he never try to fight me back and that's why he never win lololollll. I think the good things of us is that eventhought we fight quite often, we never say we wanted to break up or what. We find that fighting or quarrel is something couple will do, and they only way is to talk properly and solve it. We never say breakup and it's not something that come out from anyone's mouth that easily, that's why we can hold each other until now. ♡♡♡

I think people around me couldn't agree more that my bf is really a good bf! He gave me everything I want, treat me super duper good and sweet! But I can only give him a 98% out of 100! Because no one is perfect and he always make me angry X( !!!! I want him to keep improving! :p

So yea, baby, Thanks for loving me and sayang me! Remember what you had promised me! I miss cuddling with u! :(  Happy 4th years Anniversary and still counting! I love chu :-* ! Faster come back to my side!

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