Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant,Section 14.

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Gonna blog about food again hahaha.  I found that I really love to eat so much. I spend more on foods rather than clothes. No way! I should change! HAHA

I love to eat meat! That's why I look so meaty too lolll. And that's the reason why I love Korean BBQ so much! I can eat alot of meat as much as I can eat a horse. If you add or subscribe me in Facebook, you might know that I always crave for Korean BBQ. Bf brought me to din din at Daorae Korean BBQ yesterday, which is the only best Korean BBQ Restaurant in Ipoh I guess? Food was good and service is very very good too! They even gave us a Free Korean Pancake and it's made specially just for us! OMG hahaha.  But....... I still can't forget the food of the Korean BBQ Restaurant that I tried in PJ! Which I'm gonna blog today :D

Bf is also a super lover of Korean BBQ! He never reject me whenever I suggest to have our meal at Korean Restaurant haha. Bf's bro recommended us to have a try at Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant as all his friend also said the food there is superb!

And, here we go! It's located at the first and second floor of some shoplot, near Watson, if you can't find it :D Honestly, if no one recommend me to this restaurant I will never go because the environment is not really attractive and kinda freaky, lololol. But don't judge a book by it's cover! HAHAHA

 大长今  lololol

 My mood was good that day because I personally think that my hair looks good! HAHAHA

And that's why 1 picture is not enough haha =)) You see, my hand got muscle one! lololol

Okay la, enough of my pictures. Give some chance for the foods :p

One thing about why I like Korean BBQ is because I can just sit there and wait for the food. They will help me to cook it in front of me. #lazygirl But it would be much perfect if I'm serve by a real handsome korean guy chef hahaha

Another reason why I love Korean BBQ is because their starter is just so tasty! How can you refuse them???  But I don't like kimchi leh #sofailed

This is always my favourite!!

The taste of this ugly steamed egg is totally impressive! I miss this the most!!! Give me steamed egg now please!!! 

As you can see, the table is just full of side dishes and how happy am I hahaha

I'm not sure whether this is pork ribs or other parts of porky -.- But I remember this is superb!! - around RM30

This one is Dae Pae Sam Gyeob Sal which is pork belly - around RM28. Highly recommended by bf's bro and his friend but I personally don't think this delicious, I will give it 3 out 5 star for this. It's quite dry for me because it's not marinated , I prefer more on juicy meat!

 You see, Dry or not? -.-

This one more juicy right?

 And we also ordered this. Samgyetang, The Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup. This is always in our MUST order list when we makan at a Korean restaurant and this is just so good! It's a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. I always share this with bf because the chicken and rice will make your stomach explode if you eat this all by yourself! haha

Everytime I drink this soup, I feel I got 幸福的感觉ahhh HAHA :p

 I don't know why every time bf also took many ugly pictures of me eating -.-

And the one I took for him always look good!  We actually finished everything on the table, even the starter hahaha.

Iced barley as dessert but it taste different with the barley we had normally :)

Overall, The price is affordable, variety of choices and the portion is quite big but the rice is slightly pricey, one bowl of tiny minnie rice cost RM5.

Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant
20B-2 & 20B-3,
Jalan 14/20,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Tel: 03-79572613

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