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Are you a blog stalker? If not, what are you doing now? :p I'm a 100% blog stalker. I read people's blog everyday. Sometimes I found out that some out of my favourite bloggers had just post out some new post and  I really feel like reading it on the spot! But somehow if I'm not infront of my lappy,in that case, I will just leave it and read it once I'm back infront of my lappy because browsing blow through phone is too damn slow! *sometimes it can't even load pictures! X(

Worry no more, there's something new now to help me in solving this problem :D Tadaa, The Nuffnangx. It's an app for stalking blog, It's kinda new and the UI is user friendly! :D  Nuffnangx is made for blog stalker like me and you! Avaible for iPhone and Android user, so hurry up and download it now :) It actually function just like Facebook and Twitter, you can follow any blog that you love and once they update their blog, it will show on your "Feed" so you can read it on the spot without spending your time refreshing their blog  one by one :p

Firstly you will need to have a nuffnang or a facebook account to login into the nuffnang app.  It's super convenient!  Blogger can claim their blog just by login into , so you can manage your blog there :)

This is how the "Feed" looks like. You can pulled and hold the page down to refresh the page, just like facebook or twitter apps :) It will randomly pick the most interesting line of the blog entry to display on the app, so you can actually have a picture of it before you read the whole post. :)

 On top of the right hand side there's an "Add Blog" tab. You can search blogs by typing their url or the name of the blogger on the search bar, and pow!! FOLLOW THEM,  You can find my blog as well by typing "ohmybaoer" or ""  :D

 I already claimed my blog and this is it :)

This is how the "Blog post" page looks. You can "like" or leave a comment on the post :)

 This is my account which under "ME". I followed 22 blogs and all of the blogger are girls lol

They also provide us a filter to choose what on category of blog that you would like to follow. It's under the "Recommended" tab! It's a new way to discover new blog! I mostly go for Beauty and Fashion! :))

And the greatest thing about this app is the nuffnangx conversation! You can leave down a msg to your favourite blogger and when they reply  or someone else leaving down a comment on your post, you will receive a notification immediately! I love this so much! I can just reply all the comment by just using my iPhone!

Before this I used to spent around 15 minutes viewing on instagram, weibo and bla bla bla. But now I can kill the time by spending extra 30 minutes on Nuffnangx before really getting to bed! It's really so useful and I just can't stop reading blogs by using it. I'm really a blog stalker lollll :p

Download it now and follow my blog too :) You can also follow my blog by clicking the badge on the right hand banner >>>  See you there :D

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