You again!

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Yes, her again, Niyen!! Hang out with her yesterday :p *killed lots of brain cells while thinking about the title of the post! Suddenly, this topic "you again" pop out from my brain because I always hang out with her. She miss me a lot and wish to see me so so much! Somemore tagged me in Facebook saying that she wanna hang out with me. Since the post is so public, how can I reject her? :p

We went  to Waraku Japanese Restaurant to have our brunch. Didn't let her to wait for me this time because I'm done dolling up myself before she even reach my home :p

See, her smile is so wide! She is really so happy to see me. HAHAHA

Her Soba noodle set.

Her photoshoot skill improve a lil bit but still bad! HAHAHA :))  This is so not me hor?  :|

My Salmon Set. I have no idea why the salmon tasted bitter! #sofailed

Still the same, non stop talking. You, You, You and You! You might be one of our topic too :p

After the brunch we feel like having some dessert or drinks. We wanna go Snowdream at first but we change our decision when we almost arrive. wtf Girls always changed! Plan changed and we drove back to Aeon which is near to our house. B-)

When we reached Aeon, we still can't decide where to go, where to chill. Sweet Chat? Look not so nice! Starbucks? Pack with people! Baskin Robbin? Don't feel like wanna eat ice cream!  Chatime, Secret Recipe, Pancake House and blah blah blah. We walk around the store one by one and still can't make any decision! And finally, The Coffee Bean =____________________=

My little girl get attracted by this cake. She like the decoration so much but the display cake doesn't look like this. Because she want the cake so much so I order one for her but when the cake comes, the deco changed and it's not like what we saw. She was like: Huh? The cake don't look like this just now!  HAHAHA. Make me laugh for so long! She is just so cute!

 I keep on comforting her by saying that the Santa Claus looks cute too! She can bring it back home! LOLLLL

Happy Little Girl. :)

But guess what? The cake is just like a stone and it's just too sweet! Yucksss~

The Santa Claus look so scared of the cake! Buahahahah! =))

Then.... Camho time again HOHOHO!

 I look sucks in this pic but she said my hair looks good, so.......

Kiss Kiss Kiss~ Love You You! Okay,  I know my face look so enjoy! HAHAHA But this is my favourite photo of the day! :D

I found out one thing yesterday which is she can't take picture while winking. Of course she know how to wink her eyes but she look kinda weird in picture. We took many photo of her winking her eyes but all failed! I can't stop laughing when I look back at those photos :p  I'm not gonna show you guys la, if not she will come over my house, break my door and punch my eye HAHAHA =)) It's my special collection! Or, Niyen you want me to show them???

 She can't wink #1! ;)

 She can't wink #2! ;)

And I'm like "I show you! You see, so easy only!" I can wink! ;)  HAHAHA #badfriend

She is so jealous that I can wink so well! She didn't praise me la, but I did a great job! Blek :p

Of course, we can't finish the cake LOL. She wanna take away the cake and when the waiter pass her the cake, she quickly open to see whether the Santa Claus is still inside the box or not! WTF So freaking cute lol. I told her the Santa Claus is just like me, whenever she see the Santa Claus is just like seeing me :p

Niyen requested me to draw her a nail art when she saw my toes as I always did it for myself. So I promise to help her after we get back to my home.

When we reached the car park, one unfortunate thing happen. Gf's car remote starter can't function and the car alarm keep on beeping. OMFG!.

She is so panic and her face make me can't stop laughing! I know I shouldn't laugh but her emotion is really so funny! Even now I'm also laughing while typing HAHAHA! =))

She keep on shaking and tapping the starter! I don't know how the cake looks after she shake for so many times! HAHAHAHA

We run back to Aeon to find where can we change the battery or the starter but there's no any shop that provide this service! I really can't believe it! Then she become more and more panic and I laugh more and more louder! HAHAHA.

I suggested her to go Daiso, buy a screwdriver and a battery so we can change it ourself! #superwomen She went in borrow a screwdriver to open it and see what battery we should buy. Yeah,we found out the battery was sold out -.- We walked through the whole building and finally found the same battery and guess what? The starter still can't function! God must be kidding with us!

I wonder is it she shake and tap for so many times until the starter is broken? HAHAHA

I remember bf and friend told me there's a button that can stop the alarm so I asked her to go inside the car and find it. And the button is just right beside the steering wheel ! WTF! Make me walk so far until my leg also get red. Gf was so happy and she said it's a good experience too, so she get to know where to stop the alarm. I really don't know what response I should give to her LOL ~X(

 As what I promise her, I did her a X'mas Nail Art. :)

 Her nail is too tiny and the Santa Claus look so thin. Santa Claus in diet HAHAHA

She love it so much hehehe ♥♥♥

My lil bro asked my mum why she looks like me after he saw Niyen. wtf. Seriously? :-? HAHAHA

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