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Went out with my girl, Niyen today. It has been a long time we didn't meet each other. Around half year I guess? HAHA. Because I went for an intern and she was having class that time. Kinda miss her and finally we meet up today  :D

We don't always contact. We got our own friend, own life and study but we're still close. If both of us is free, we will definitely meet up and update about each other life :) We never feel awkward even though we didn't meet up for a long time lol.

We went Indulgence to have cake :) We both love cakes!  ♥ ♥ ♥

We discuss about how nice is the food that is posted by other blogger and I said mine one also not bad what! hahaha

My red velvet cake :)

 See, not bad right? :p

 Niyen's Chocolate Banana cake. It doesn't taste like a cake, it just like a chocolate! super sweet!

Once we meet, we just can't stop talking lololol. We can just talk anything we want. It just feel so comfortable talking with her. I can do whatever I want, talk whatever I want. Audrey Looi, I guess you know what I'm saying right? :p

One thing I wanna complain bout her is that her shooting skill is so noob! HAHAHA. I always help her to capture a lot of nice picture and she will help me back too but none of them are nice. I'm blaming you Audrey Looi, please improve yourself hahaha =))

 Niyen, My lovely Gf always  ♥

Me, Her lovely Gf always hahaha :p

 When 2 girls meet together, camho is a must lolll

People used to call us as Twins since we're in secondary school!

Last picture of her before we went for the next round :p I got plenty the pretty photo that I took for her lol. #prophotographer

After high tea, we went to Daorae Korean BBQ. I know I know, why bbq again right? haha. Because she said she is craving for korean food after read my last post hahaha :p

Best service ever! HAHA. I asked to make a pose of serving me the tea because I want to show you guys I'm serve by this pretty lady so that you guys can jealous and she shout at me: Can you please be fast? It's going to be full! HAHAHA. Make me laugh like crazy. She is really cute!

Free Pancake again! O.o Niyen ask me is it if anyone who go with me will also can get a free pancake hahaha

 I took a nice photo of her again.

And she took a lot of ugly photo of me so I ended up not giving her any respond while she capture me, haha. This is what we call the "it's enough and I'm really disappointed" face! hahaha  :))

We spent 1.5 hours there but still we can't manage to finish all the dishes! At that time, we really wish our bf was there lolll

Lastly, our bff #ootd :p Spot our matching top? :x

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