P for Penang.

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Went Penang for a road trip with bf and friends last 2 weeks. Main purpose of going there is to watch "The Fierce Wife" which I already blogged in "this post" and we only go for a one day trip. Yes, one day trip again lol. I posted "P for?" on my Facebook and a few of my friends get the answer :p

Early in the morning, we headed to Penang from Kampar. I'm super excited because it's been a while I didn't went to Penang and I wanted shoppp!! :D

We stopped at Butterworth to have our brunch. Friend brought us to have yam rice :)

I don't like yam but I can accept this yummy yam rice! :) Sorry that I don't know where this shop is located at lol. The rice smells nice and the soup is special, a must try for people who love yam rice.

After that we went to Aeon to have a look because my bf and friend was looking for spectacle B-) .


We spent almost 2 hours in A-Look and guess what? 4 of us get a new pair of spec for ourselves! OMFG! I didn't plan to buy one but got attracted by a spec and ...... can't reject to brought it home HAHA. Bf and friends also said it looks good on me HAHAHA. Actually the most attractive thing is that I can get the spec on the spot! You know, girls always can't wait to get new things!  :p

 Bf's Ray ban spec :)

Mine! I like how the gradient of color looks like :D Mine one is just super cheap and we can even get a rebate if we purchase 2 pairs of selected spec. Original price is only RM128 but I upgraded my lens and I got a rebate because my friend bought 1 along with me so mine cost around RM150. :D I love this more than my previous spec and the previous one cost me almost 1k. Kinda regret :(

After getting our spec done, we rushed to Gurney Plaza to watch the movie. I used my super power to walk and shop the whole mall within half an hour after the movie lollollol. Spot a lovely heels but they don't have my size, I was so sad! :(  Only manage to get 1 dress that day :(

We then leave Gurney Plaza around 8pm and went back to Tambun to have our dinner! I was so tired and fall asleep in the car haha.

 My friend brought us to this Gee Seng Restaurant. They said the food they serve is nice and the price is reasonable. :)

 This photo was taken when I was talking to my bf. Always took ugly photo of me! Bad bf ever!

Are you ready for the food? The Seafood :D

I don't know what to call this spiky thing, but it is super delicious and sweet!

 My favourite Hard Shell Lala! This is so yummy!!! It's steamed with some lime sour sauce. Fresh and tickle your buds!

 The sauce is fabulous! I love this the most!! If you're a clam lover, you must try this!

I also don't know what to name this-.- In Cantonese, we called it as G lok or Balitong :p

Fish! Hello, This fish is so smooth and tasty!!! I always love steam fish!

Salted egg prawn. Prawn was just ok, not so fresh.

 Sour and Sweet Crab! The sauce is nice and the size of crab is quite big too but I din really eat much of it because I'm too lazy haha

Comes with a crispy bun. Just dip it bite it and eat it! OMFG! It taste sooooo good! I like the bun more than the crab because it wont get my hand dirty hand but at the same time I can still taste the sauce :p

 6 dishes for only 4 of us LOL

Can eat le ma? :p

Random shoot. Bf looks so cute here :x

End our dinner with some dessert, fried ice cream! Aww I love the fried ice cream so much! The bread is warm, crispy and it is fill with delicious ice cream! How can you refuse it? Big love! Almost everyone order this at there! FYI, You need to order a minimum of 2 fried ice cream but they will cut it into half, so you guys can share it together but believe me, half of it is not enough! HAHA

This super great seafood dinner only cost us RM150! So cheap! But my friend even said the price is high compare to normal days because that day was holiday.

You think that's it? NOOOO!!! Next stop, supper on the BEST Duck Egg Char Koay Teow at Butterworth.

I'm so full and tired that time but Bf and friend want to eat! They really can eat a whole elephant I guess! Because I'm so tired that time, I didn't look out for the name of the restaurant -.- This shop only sell char koay teow at night, only one stall in this shop but it's super pack and full! We waited for 1 hour if not mistaken! Superb! My eyes also can't open already.


At first, I tot there's a rojak biscuit on the top -.- I wonder why will they put the biscuit there >< But actually it's an egg LOL. You can imagine how sleepy I'm lollll. I only give a bite of it because I'm really soooo full! My stomach can't fit in anything already and I feel like going to pee that time but the toilet was....... so I just waited them finish the whole thing and bring me to the nearest washroom haha. Bf said it was soooo nice and will surely go there again! He said the taste of the duck egg and the kuey teow is so deep that when you chew it, it will make you cry :))

After this heavy supper, we only drove back to Kampar. It's totally a food trip! HAHA. Tiring but Happy and Enjoy Trip. Can't wait for our next road trip :D

Did you guys noticed that I've changed my blog background? Do you like it? :p

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