Som Tam Nua @ Siam Centre, Bangkok!

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Hi loves, Happy CNY! (Hope it's not too late :P) Back and continue with last year's BKK trip. It was more to food hunting trip rather than a shopping trip, or I should say it was a very extreme trip? Why? It's because we wanted to try out every good restaurant but at the same time, I can't give up on shopping so what we did was we eat nonstop and we even eat while shopping if we have the chance. Don't even have time to let our stomach and legs rest wtf. Please get yourself ready to read more food post from me lolll.

Among all Thai food restaurant that we went, Som Tam Nua is one of the restaurant that I revisit whenever I go to Bangkok! For what I know, they have 2 branches. One at Siam Centre and another is just beside Siam Square. I went to both branches before and they serve the same food however I personally think that the one at Siam Square serve a better food? HAHA. I don't know but I got really addicted and always crave for their food after I tried the one at Siam Square! Anyway, the one I'm gonna blog today is the one at Siam Centre. 

Basically, it's located at Siam Centre 4th Floor which is easy to spot once you come up from the escalator.

On that day itself we went there around 11am which I think is quite early? So you can still see some empty table, but then, it's packed a few moment after we were being seated. We even went to the one at Siam Square during dinner time and DAMN, the queue was insane. SUPER LONG and we even have to order our food outside before we can get seated. (Som Tam Nua at Siam Square are bigger and they have 2 floors)

The interior design of Som Tam Nua is quite simple but is modern compared to their first branch at Siam Square.

Look at the 2 young students that is wearing the yellow uniform, they ordered 4 plates of Som Tam (Papaya Salad) for just two of them! B's Travel Tips: You know the food is good if you see there is alot of local inside the restaurant! Locals know where's the place to eat lolololll.

While waiting for my food... I kinda miss my light hair color! Btw, I dyed it myself! So proud of myself. HAHA

 One photo is not enough okokok *laugh

Here comes our food! MY FAV AMONG ALL! Fried Chicken! (150 THB) I know you must be thinking what's so special about this fried chicken. Malaysia also got fried chicken what! I tell you, YOU'RE WRONG. This fried chicken is so so good! They are well marinated, crispy outside and super smooth inside. Once you bite on it, pusskkttttttttt! You get what I mean!! HAHAHA. You won't know how much I miss it!!  T___________T   It's really addictive! I will give them 4.5 stars, strongly recommended. I minus the 0.5 stars because they don't have any branches in Malaysia, I hate them!

Hot & Spicy Crispy Fish. (125 THB) Like how this dish was called, it was really spicy, to me! But it was really crispy and appetizing! Match perfectly with rice HAHA.

Grilled Pork Neck (115 THB). Another fav dishes of mine hehe.

Closer shot! Look at the fats, not too much but just enough lolll. Super moist and juicy. Dipping it into their thai sauce and nommmmm!!

Somtam (Papaya Salad) with Salted Egg (85 THB). It was okay, not bad, average but I personally don't think it's impressive. There is a better one near Pratunam!

 Can eat already or not that kinda face? HAHA

And this is I can't wait anymore face! LOL!

Ohh I just realize I forgot to take photo of their menu! Their menu is just a simple one, pictures and it's one sided lol. We ordered most of their popular food thou. I think they had adjust their price range last year? While I research on their price for food, I realise some of the menu wrote a cheaper price but it was like 2 years ago and I did remember my first visit was slightly cheaper compared to my last visit which is this month..LOL. Anyway, I still think the price is reasonable! (Nothing more than 150THB, yet) At least their food is awesome!

In short, it's really worth visiting! :D

Any nice Thai restaurant that you guys would recommend to me? Imma craving for Thai food so so much! Such a torment for me to blog about these! My keyboard is full of my saliva now...

Som Tam Nua
Siam Center, 4th Floor
Phone: +66 2 658 1000

392/14 Soi Siam Square 5
Phone: +66 (0) 22 51 4880
Open daily: 10:45 a.m. - 9.30 p.m.


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