Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

7:37:00 PM

Hi loves! I'm back! Went to BKK last week HAHA! Haven't finish blogging about my last trip to BKK and I went there again :P

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Didn't really celebrate it today. We only had our lovely Valentines lunch at Pizza Hut just now HAHA! Maybe we've been together for so long and we don't think it's necessary to celebrate it coz for us it's just like another Saturday or it's Valentine's day everyday lolll. Okay la our BKK trip for this time is like a pre-valentines trip for us and I also got a present from him before the actual day hehe. As usual... I didn't get him anything wtf wtf HAHAHHAHAHA! You know, True love do not need any fancy things on any special occasion :P

Alright, just a short one today! Gonna prepare for dinner with my family! See, you can have Valentines dinner with family too, don't need to be a two person's moment HAHAHA! Stay tuned for my BKK post then :P


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