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Promise to update you guys after I get my touch up done! FYI, you have to go back to touch up after a month of embroidery. But after that you can always go for a touch up session whenever you feel the colour is too light and you wanna fix them!

So I returned to Ninety1 Style again to touch up my brows 2 months ago. I go for a thicker brows this time cuz after everything is peel off, it will actually look thinner! Look at the brows, it really looks like my own brows, don't they?

I took this on Day 2 after the embroidery and yea, I have to wait for another week for them to heal loll. Seriously, it was a hard time for me to wait for them to heal and peel off completely because I can't rub them when they are itchy and I have to bear with people saying my brows are too dark and thick. :/  But after thinking of the result I will get, who cares! They will look super good after a week! hehe!

 This is like after 4 to 5 days and the embroidery are starting to peel off slowly.

And this is how they look like after everything is peel off. Colour is darker and more obvious actually but I already apply some BB cream before I took this photo, so it might cover a lil bit of the colour.

My left brow look slightly thinner because my skin don't really 'absorb' the colour that much compared to the right. As a result, the colour is lighter. So stubborn la my skin. But it doesn't happen to everyone so don't worry!

The brows look more pretty after getting them a touch up! You can actually see that the shape of the brows and colour are more stronger, even and natural now, compared to my first session of embroidery! They are still quite obvious even though I didn't draw them so I really love them!

You can read my first experience of eyebrow embroidery at >> HERE << !

The 2 photos above show how my brows look like after I drew them with eyebrow pencil. Not forgetting about the thickness! It's just as good as my ideal brows! :D

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact with Samantha! 

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