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I guess no one hates chocolate? I used to love chocolate so much when I was young (okay, I'm still young :P) and I still love them now, it's just that I won't eat them frequently like I used to be. But sometimes I did crave for chocolate so so much! Girls oh girls. So unpredictable HAHA!

Anyway, I went to MAD About Coco to try out their chocolate dessert with bf, sis and my lil bro earlier. Their logo showing an 'exploded' hair style which represents that their dessert is super delicious till your hair can explode when you eat it. HAHA. Soooo cute! 

The theme colour of the cafe is white, pastel pink and baby blue which create a very clean and cute atmosphere. There were quite a lot of couple on that day! I guess most of the boys were there to accompany their gf? You know, their main target audience should be female lolll.

It's a very cute place for dating and gathering I guess? :)

I actually went there for their Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball (RM20) because I read a lot of reviews and saw a lot of people posting about it on Instagram! I'm pretty sure you can't really see where's the tiramisu? Because it's inside the chocolate hollow ball!

You have to pour the hot chocolate sauce on to the Belgian white & dark chocolate hollow ball to melt them! Super interesting and fun!

But it will then turn the whole thing to a mess.. lolll.

I love it because the tiramisu wasn't that sweet and it's just a little bit bitter. It tasted good and not too sweet when it's mix with the chocolate! :3

What even impressed me is their Tutti Frutti Waffles for Two (RM28). I don't know why bf was so into waffles that week and he insisted to order this. I didn't expect much but surprisingly, it tasted sooooo great! The waffles are dressed with chocolate sauce and served with bananas, strawberries and also chocolate ice cream. Put the banana, strawberry and ice cream aside cuz they are just normal fruit and ice cream that you can get everywhere lollll but their waffles is awesome. Unlike those that I always had, it's super crunchy outside and soft inside. A combination of 2 texture in one waffle! I don't really fancy about waffles but this is like one of the best from what I had before.

We didn't order any drink because it will be too heavy and sweet for us lolll and they did prepare free sky juice for customers! That sweet huh?   Btw, they had opened a new/ second outlet in Fahrenheit88, a very good location yo hehe.

Mad About Coco
Publika Solaris Dutamas
Address: A1-1-9, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur (outside Publika, kinda across from Chawan)
Business hour: Daily 11am-11:30pm
Tel: 03-6211-9988

Fahrenheit 88 KL
Address: Lot 01-03, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.



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