Mr. Jones' Orphanage, Siam Centre

4:00:00 PM

Mr. Jones' Orphanage is one of the hotest cafe that serves desserts in Bangkok. It's like everyone who went to bkk must visit this cafe and ... check in with the location lololollll. They have only 2 branches when I visited them and now holly, 6 branches in Bangkok! Told you, it's really hot! Btw, the one I went was in Siam Centre! Just take a BTS to Siam station, so convenient and easy to find!

The exterior of the cafe is very outstanding! If you didn't know about this cafe, you might tot it was a shop that sells teddy bear! They decorate the shop with tons of fluffy bear which is so dreamy and cute! (I heard that the one at Thonglor have a better and unique interior design!)

 Besides teddy bears, they also have a lot of little toy soldiers as their decoration.

Welcome sweet tooth!

Didn't get to try their scone cuz we were quite full at that time and I haven't got my Scone addict yet on that day lolll

Their railway deco did really makes me feel like I was having dessert in a toy shop! No matter adults or kids, everyone will be in love with their deco! Just that the baby head in the middle shocked me abit when I was editing it HAHA!


And bears everywhere!

I must be busy checking in :P

We ordered 2 cakes and this one is Strawberry Sponge Cake.

The cake was not bad and it was quite spongy! I also love the amount of strawberry that they put in, so generous huh :P

And also, their famous Kitkat Monster! So pretty isn't??

Frankly speaking, this cake was too sweet for us. Kitkat, m&m and chocolate cake as base OMG but still, it was too pretty to resist! HAHAHA. I guess for those who love Kitkat and M&M might enjoy it!

Even the bill came with a very cute box! We didn't order any drinks as they provide complimentary sky juice :)  Anyway, It cost us about 247 THB for 2 pieces of cake which is ... not really cheap thou lollll but still acceptable! I'm okay to pay for such as a good environment and services heh!

Mr. Jone's Orphanage
Siam Centre, 3rd floor
Tel: +66 26581163

Thonglor 13 Seenspace, G floor
Tel: +66 21852378

Central World, 7th floor
Tel: +66 22521895

Empire Tower, G floor
Tel: +66 22861140

The Mall Bangapi, 1st floor
Tel: +66 27344121

Terminal 21, 4th floor
Tel: +66 20220451



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