Bangkok Trip Day 3 & 4 : Madame Tussauds

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Happy New Year lovessss! This is going to be my first post for the year 2014 but I'm not going to blog about my new year resolution or the to-do-list as it is the same for every year and I probably couldn't complete them at the end of year too, so just forget about it HAHA. I will just continue with my Bangkok Trip and it has finally come to Day 3 and 4. This post will be more on photo post and it will be quite a long post as Day 3 is quite short, so I combine it with Day 4. Somehow for Day 4, it comes with alot of interesting photo wtf... so do bear with me! *wink

 Day 3! 

This trip is basically a shopping trip for us ... or only me. *Bf only bought 1 shirt!  So we just keep on repeating the same routine everyday, shopping, shopping and shopping. Nothing special lol. We visited Platinum Mall on Day 3 which is where I spent most of my money there! Platinum Mall specialises in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories. You can get wholesale price for buying 2 items and above! So you will be like "Oh, it is not worth to buy only once since I can get wholesale price for 2, so I take 2 la!" Nah! This is how my money fly away HAHA. #girlsbeinggirls

Not everything here is cheap! If you want those RM10 for 2, the quality of those clothes will surely be very bad! Most of the clothes that I get for myself range from RM50 and above for 2 but still, its a heaven for girls!

Blink blink phone case!

This is a mall situated next to Platinum Mall! I don't really remember the name of the mall but it focuses more on bags and shoes. Each level of this building promotes various item and goods. But their products is not cheap though  :(

I was probably choosing a bag for my mum haha but I didn't get any bag there as the price is really quite high and it's not worthy to get one. Some sellers attitude is quite bad and arrogant!


We went to a random restaurant to have some thai food at night. The food was okay but 3 dishes costs us about RM350! DAMNNNN! I don't remember the name of the restaurant and basically there is nothing much to talk about it since it is expensive and the food is not that delicious. :-/

 Day 4! 

We actually stayed in 2 hotel for this trip! We moved to Baiyoke Suite Hotel on Day 3. It's the sister company of Baiyoke Sky Hotel which is the one we stayed on Day 1 and 2. Baiyoke Suit Hotel is more of a budget hotel and each room have a different theme and design. But the condition of room was really so so so disappointing for me! I saw the gallery of their room on the website which is bright, cheerful and clean, but when I reach there, it was not as what I expected it to be. It is quite dark and not that clean. =_______________=  What's even worst is that the air-cond stop functioning in the middle of the night! Called the receptionist and no one answer! Roughly about 10min, we called again and someone technician fixed it. But just about 30 minutes the whole air-cond stop again and I was boiling. Then they move us to another room! This time the room was better but still ... I prefer Baiyoke Sky Hotel more! 

Not only room, their breakfast is also super different with very less choice!

 Not enough sleep and no nice food face LOL. As what you can see, I only take in some watermelon!

 But it looks fine for my bf lol

 Bf's! He can just take in anything.

 What's good about this hotel is that they provide us free shuttle to Siam Paragon!

Coordinate of the day! Love the curls!

My hair color faded so fast from Day 1 is was not like that :(

We simply just walk round MBK and Siam Paragon. Everyone said you can always find nice phone cover at MBK but I just can't see any LOLOLOL.

Bf took this! They even have condom machine in toilet lolll.

The most excited part and the highlight of this post is finally here HAHA! We pay a visit to the wax museum, Madame Tussauds! We randomly saw Beyonce and I was shocked that why this lady keep on looking at me and she look very familiar,  I'm like who is she, HAHA. Then Bf shouted "You see! Beyonce!" I was like OMG OMG! Go take photo! Dumb or not? I didn't realise it was a wax figure until bf told me about that and this also mean that wax figure look so damn real!


 Are you ready?? :D

Mahatma Gandhi

This looks like the real person! Impressive! 

The World's Leaders is now on TV! HAHAHAHA!


Random angmoh which look like a wax one HAHA.

 I'm the Queen!

Queen sounds old huh? Princess should be fine! HAHA :p

My King HAHA!

Ello! Bf's assistant Mr. Obama LOL!

 Pablo Picasso!

Look at the hand, everything is super detail one!

Picasso of new generation HAHA.

 Albert Einstein.


Look professional? :p

The suit is super oversize for me. Look at the shoulder HAHA.

He seems to look like a magician that take out a rabbit from the long hat rather than a musician.

Bf's new friend :p

Hello Ronaldo!!

I still can't stop laughing when I look back at this photo HAHA. Epic!

HAHAHA WTF am I doing?

Besides wax figures, there are also some interesting game!


Yayyy! Goal!!!!

Noob bf!! HAHAHA!

Nah, I'm just posing, no intention of doing anything. HAHAHA.

I really look so happy HAHA. Suddenly there was so many claps when I stand on it. It makes me feel like I'm really the champion HAHAHA.

Strong or not? HAHAHA! I look so skinny standing beside her :p

I .... taller than him lolololll!

Yao Ming!

I'm only at his waist, but I'm sure I can reach his armpi... Dafuq!

Who is this?! HAHA.

Michael Jackson!

Not a fan of Justin Bieber but I just want to make his fans jealous! Baby Baby Baby Ohhhh~ :p

I have no idea why we look quite match HAHA.

Dramatic bf -.-


Don't mess with me!!! I can just break your bone with one finger HAHAHA.

I hate this game! I just can't win this fatty and he always hit my stomach one!

But Bf did quite well in this game! :(

Guess who! Doraemon was there too!


Did a short interview with Oprah that day lollll.

Look who's there!!!! My dream man Jay Chou!!!! He looks more handsome in real thou!

With Lady Gaga!

Brad Pitt! Why you so handsome!

Holly! How can we be that matching?? LOL.

Jackie Chan! I think his wax figure looks too young lolll.

I guess I should stop here. Enough of ton's of photo HAHA. We had so much fun there! I guess the photo did tell you too! I just don't know which photo to choose to upload here as all are like so interesting and cannot be missed out lolll. So, this post is not that long right? :p

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA~ Piggy you looks so cute in all the photos at Day 4. XD

    Shini Lola

  2. can u do a hair curling tutorial? loves ur hair curl so much =)