DIY Gradient Nails Tutorial!

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I guess most of you know that I'm actually addicted to nail art! I love both manicure and pedicure! At first I always went to nail salons to get my nails done but slowly, I started to do and try it myself as doing manicure at nail salons will burn a hole in my purse! LOL. So I started to try it myself after a few times visiting the nail salons but somehow I can only do those simple one lolll.

I posted a few nail art that's done by me on Instagram and also Facebook. Quite a number of you request me to do some tutorial and the most frequent request was the Gradient Nails / Dip Dye Nails. So I'm here today to blog about this tutorial! I did quite a few times of gradient nails because they are so easy to be done, require short time compared to the others and they look so pretty! :D

Some of my friend told me that they can't even paint their nails nicely but no worries, this Gradient Nails can perfectly help you! Most importantly it doesn't really need any painting skill and still the outcome will look perfect! This is also the reason why I wanna make it as my first nails tutorial. Starting from the easy one first lolll.

Wanting a CNY manicure but it's too pricey to get it done at nail salons? Continue reading to find out how to get this Gradient Nails done! hehehe :3

Stuffs that you'll need for this design.

- A white or nude colour of nail polish.

- 2 to 3 nail polish colour that you love!
This is also the first time that I experiment with 3 colours loll. Try to find the colours that have almost the same tone and a contrast colour for the end part so it can create gradient colours. ( Incase you guys want to know, the nail polish that I used are from Elianto )

- Top Coat.

- Sponge!
You can use any type of sponge like bathroom sponge and make up sponge. But I don't really suggest you guys to use make up sponge as the material from the makeup sponge come out easily and stick on your nails!

I will suggest you guys to go for the bathroom sponge which is something like this. I got it from the hardware shop!

Lets start the ball rolling!

Firstly, paint a layer of white or nude colour nail polish as the base and wait for it to dry completely.

Paint the color that you want on the sponge by following these sequence. *From dark to light or light to the dark. With this, it will create gradient color, but some people will swirl the colour first before applying it on the sponge. I'm the lazy one and I found that there's no big differences on both of the outcome, so I will just skip it lolll.

Before moving to the next step you must measure that the colors you have painted on the sponge will fit and cover your nail size perfectly..

Then press the sponge gently on your nails! You can repeat this steps for a few times to create the effect that you want.

Check out as the nail polish perfectly appears on your nails. It's ok if there's some small dots, holes that's still white or small part which have no colours, the top coat will actually blend them together later! :D

Look at the one that I did, I guess you guys can actually see the rubber from the makeup sponge on my nails! So bumpy! I did it with makeup sponge because at that time it's the only one I have! There's lesser / no rubs on others which done by using bathroom sponge!! :(

Lastly, Apply a layer or 2 layers of top coat and clean up the excess nail polish ! And you are done! ❤❤❤  

Tadaa! Pretty or not?? hehe!

It's so easy to do as it doesn't require any painting skill but only dipping, and pressing skill lolll. Hope you guys love it! Do share me with your creation as I would like to see them! :D 


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  1. OMG!! How can you paint your nails so perfectly?

    1. Not really la but this one is really so easy one! Try it yourself!!!! ♡

  2. These gradient nails look gorgeous!
    Love the colour choices and well done on doing them so perfectly =]
    Loving your blog babe!


  3. can I ask how u make tis background? I first time to use blogger...everything still so blur.. ><

    1. Hi,
      Actually I'm not to sure about this, it's done by my designer.
      Of coz one of the basic things is to have a repeated background and make sure the background is in static position. :)