Bangkok Trip Day 5 & 6

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Horray! Finally1 it has come to the last post of my Bangkok Trip hehehe! I will combine both Day 5 and 6 together this time :)

 Day 5! 

Day 5 was quite a relaxing one as we spent almost all of our money and I even went to exchange another 5000 baths in Bangkok lol! So we just went to pray and also walk around to grab some souvenirs for friends. You know, my friends will never forget to get souvenirs from me, even a key chain HAHAHA.

Sawadeeka! :p

What's more greater than going straight into Central World to search for our brunch!

We had our brunch at Shabushi which I fell in love with their shabu shabu! It's a shabu buffet and they also have free flow of japanese food and soft drink!!! It is quite popular in Bangkok and it is always full of people!


I ate quite alot and this is only a small part of it HAHA. Bf was shocked too! I love their pork slice and vege! Very yummy! :3

And also ice cream as dessert!

That few days was also a rainy day till it have to flood all over the town!!! We can't even get back to our own hotel even it's just few meter away! We were forced to take tuk tuk and they raised the price till damn high!!! :(

 Day 6! 

Day 6 was actually a sad day where we will have to pack and start our journey to KL from Bangkok. :(  I will now show u the photo of our room as I didn't show them in the previous post.

This is how our room looks like in Bangkok Suite Hotel.

I don't know what Bf was trying to do LOL. Btw, the decoration and cleanliness of the room was quite bad! :S

Lobby was still fine! Better than the room!

Last photo of me in Bangkok HAHA! Otw to airport thou :(

Spot the Samsung ads? It's the longest billboard I've ever seen HAHA.

We had our brunch in the airport before we head back!

This Tom Yam Goong was quite tasteless =__________=

This carbonara was also soso but better than the Tom Yam Goong!!!! LOL.

So basically that's it for my Bangkok trip. The last 2 days was really a chill and relax one HAHA!

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Thanks for reading!!


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