Bangkok Trip Day2 : Hotel Tour?

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If you missed out the Day1, you can still read them HERE :)

So, if you had read the story for my Day 1 Bangkok Trip, you probably know that it was raining that day and because of that, I was sick on the next day! I had a bad fever and feel like vomiting all the time. So we were not able to go anywhere but stay and take a rest at the hotel :(  I feel damn sorry to my bf because he was forced to stay at hotel with me too! Because of this sudden case, my Day 2 Bangkok Trip was like a hotel tour HAHA. We spent the whole day in our hotel, including having our brunch, tea time and also dinner LOL.

As usual, brunch in hotel to kick start our day! I love love love to have our meal at the hotel because all the restaurants are located at highest floor of the building and the view is breath taking!  It's surrounded with 360 view from all over Bangkok. There is always a large clear window beside you, no matter where you sit or eat, you can still like enjoy the whole Bangkok! Basically it's like you are taking your meal at the top of the world la HAHAHA.

Of course, they do have varieties breakfast to choose from Chinese cuisine to Western, Japanese and so many more! You want fried, deep fried, steam, grill also got lol!

Eggs & Omelette are like the main thing of breakfast? LOL.

Quite alot of pretty and handsome ang moh staying here too lol!

Salad bar! Look so healthy huh?

But I was there to take some lemon only HAHAHA. I don't take salad! I know I'm weird but ... Whatever!

Fruits bar are like my all time favourite HAHA.

 View from our place!!!

Eat while enjoying this view! Oh nom nom nom!

This is what we took for the first round HAHA. I focus more on juices and fruits because I don't really have appetite in the morning or should say I don't used to take breakfast? And also due to my illness, everything seems to be so oily for me that day :(

Tourist shoot. :p

I don't know why he always give me this look when I ask him for a photo!

Here comes our hotel room mini tour as I only show you guys the bed in the previous post HAHAHA.

The most important corner for me! I hate those with bad lightning because it may ruined my make up!

A big mirror in the room is also a must ... for OOTD! HAHA.

Washroom is kinda large one! But I really hate the hair dryer that the hotel provided because they are so small! It takes time to dry my hair! :(  So I actually brought mine along wtf HAHA

That's it for the room tour lol. We also had our tea time at the hotel bar but we didn't take any photo because we simply just order a cup of tea and to rob their WiFi, yea to rob and to contact our family. Our hotel don't provide free wifi! Extra RM50 charge for wifi!!

As I mention earlier, we also took our dinner in the hotel. Bf went to book for a buffet dinner! *Bf wants romantic fine dining at first but it was not available They provide different types of buffet dinner too, such as Chinese cuisine and Japanese one. At first I wanted to go for the Japanese Buffet but the waitress strongly recommend us to go for the Chinese one and it was the most popular buffet in their hotel! So... ahem! Chinese cuisine as final decision lolll.

OOTD of us! ❤❤❤

 The restaurant is located at level 79, Stella Palace!

Frankly speaking, the food was so so only maybe because of my illness HAHA. I can only take some soup and drinks because I feel like puking! :(  Bf was damn worried and didn't take much food too.

This is like the only thing that I can finished that night!

 See! It's like everything is fried! Kinda oily for me!

I don't even have any appetite to have my favourite roasted piglet and beijing duck too :(

Choices of food wasn't that much but there are still some that I didn't upload because of the bad lightning, it makes all the photo so dark and blurry! :-S

I was so happy when I found this because I thought they are some berries or what as I feel like puking so I wanna take in something sour! But once I bite... Urrghhhh! It's something very soft like kuih or jelly! Fake Fruits!  =_________________=

As I get more and more sick and dizzy, I asked bf to find me some lemon and when he come back, he tell me there's no any lemon there. I was like so hopeless and suddenly he ask me to take out my hand, he wanna passed me something. The first thing that comes in my is LEMON!!!

I slowly open my hand and this is what he gave me!

I was abit disappointed at first because he really really didn't bring back any lemon and I really really want to puke HAHAHA! But in super short time, I was like WTF!!! What is this!!! Don't tell me it's a ring? You wanna propose ah? And he just smiled shyly lolll. But of course, not ring and no propose! HAHA :p

My first Thomas Sabo and it's a present from him ❤❤ Like what is shown in the drama, he came to my seat and wear it on my neck *blush blush!

This is it and you can see her mostly in all of my photo. You know right? If I don't wear it, he must be very sad! So I just can't change it and to have to wait him to buy me a new one *hint hint HAHAHA!

After that, he told me he was a bit disappointed as everything was not as what he expected. He expect to have a romantic dinner and romantic atmosphere but the dinner wasn't romantic and I keep on wanna puke HAHAHA. But still the view at night is very pretty!

One thing I that hate about this hotel is that it takes so long for their lift to reached!!! I tell you, we waited for 20 minutes plus just for the lift to arrive and this happens at night and morning too!!!! DAFUQ!!! And also you have to "transfer" lift in this hotel! Like we have to take a lift to lobby and then take another lift to your room level! =_______________=
I never experience waiting for a lift that long!!!!!

Random photo of the logo of the hotel. Very awkward logo they have if you know what I mean lol!

 Thankiu baby for everything!! ♡♡ But it's time to get a new necklace HAHA! Joking okay? :*

I was still using my GF3 that time and surprisingly the outcome is not bad even now when I look back at the photo!! She is still with me now, anyone wants to bring her back? HAHA!

Last selca :P

That's it! I know this blogpost is quite long but no choice, if I separate them it will be too short too, so no point to blog separately right? hehehe. Thanks for reading thou!


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