Yadah Mascara & Sweet Milky Tint!

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Annyeong Haseyo!

I guess many of you also heard about YADAH before? 

"Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc."

Thanks Yadah for sending me their new range of cosmetic all the way from Korean for me to review! ♡♡ Kamsahamnida!

Yadah is launching a range of new cosmetic which include Mascara and Sweet Milky Tint! These product have been a hit in Korean and will be available in Malaysia on December!

Yayyyy! A full bag of products.

This bag is fits perfectly for both mascara and sweet milky tint! I always that think Yadah's mascot/character is loveable yet cute. It will surely remind people about Yadah when they look at it.

There are 2 types of Mascara which is the Bloom Mascara and Highlash Mascara!

Bloom Mascara gives you a thicker looking lashes with higher volume while the Highlash Mascara focus more on the length of lashes! By applying it, you will surely have longer looking lash. Can we apply both? Well it depends on what kind of look you would like to have. For me I prefer both.

One of the advantages for both of these mascara is that, it's safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. These features is really important for me as I need to wear my lens 24/7.

Here you can see the comparison between two brushes and how each signifies their own features.

This is how my lashes look like, without applying anything yet!

And this is how they look like after applying the Highlash Mascara! I love the effect of this mascara as it really makes my lashes look longer and it leaves no stain on your lashes.

I think you can still see my lashes from far!

I love to have long and volumed lashes so I will usually apply another layer on top once I had the Mascara for long lashes covered. My mini secret for eyes make up :p

Not sure if you guys can see the differences or not but my lashes really got darken and volumed! Tips for you: Don't apply too much layer of volumise mascara after applying the lengthen one because it will become too thick and the result will look like cockroach legs HAHAHA.

Love both of the Mascara!

Wait, what's still missing? Ahhh! The blush and lips!
Besides eyes make up, cheek and lips is also very berri very berri important!! :D

Yadah bring us 2 colors of Sweet Milky Tint!

01. Sweet Cherry and 02. Sweet Pinky!

These both unique colors pigments are extracted from Tomato and Gromwell Flowers! Natural colors from natural goodness!

You can apply Sweet Milky Tint on both lips and cheeks!!! Love the korean natural blush or gradient lips? 白里透红 & 咬唇妆! Here's the mini tips for you guys! ♥♥♥

01 Sweet Cherry is more reddish and the color is more contrast!

Apply a suitable amount and spread it throughout your cheek! Do I look like Pikachu here? HAHAHA! Oh ya, look at my lashes here, they are so pretty!

After applying the 01 Sweet Cherry of the Sweet Milky Tint on my cheeks and lips!

I have natural cute blush now wtf

My fringe long or not? HAHA

I was actually trying to create a Gradient Lips but not sure whether you see it from the photo or not LOL.

A kiss maybe? :p

02. Sweet Pinky! So I try the Sweet Pinky on the other day!

Look at my Pinky Cheeks HAHAHA

Korean or not? HAHAHA. Don't throw me stone please! :p

Incase you guys can't see the difference in my photo, here is a comparison that I make!

This was my first time trying the Cheeks and Lips Tint and the effect really impressed me a lot!
1. The color of the tint is so pretty and natural!
2. The blush last for so so long!! I went out with them for like 12 hours but the blush is still there! Bf was surprise too!
3. They are so easy to blend with your face and most importantly it's not oily at all but you need to spread it fast on your cheek or else you will leave a dot on your face lolll.

Conclusion: I guess I will never go back to the powder form blusher anymore HAHAHA!!

It's very difficult for me to tell you guys which color is better or the best! The Sweet Cherry is more contrast giving you a very healthy looking cheek while the Sweet Pinky give you more of a tender sweet look, you might need to apply a few layer to create your desire colour, especially on lips, but the Sweet Pinky is so sweet one! So, it depends on which kind of look you prefer! :D

Below are the prices for these product:

Highlash Mascara, RM35

 Bloom Mascara, RM35 

 Sweet Milky Tint 01 Sweet Cherry, RM25 

 Sweet Milky Tint 02 Sweet Pinky, RM25

Awesome product with affordable price right? :D

Both new range will be available starting from December 2013 at selected Sasa outlets in conjunction with Christmas!
In this revolutionary era, we can get almost everything online! Yadah is also available online too!
You guys can check out Zalora.com.my , Hermo.my and also Mivva.com !

Other than that, Yadah is also having Christmas a promotion now! Go and get some natural and awesome Christmas present for yourself! :)

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia


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