OPUS JAY 2013 World Tour Live in Malaysia!

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Annyeong! Currently I'm working for my dad which makes me feel so stress lol. I know people will think that working for dad is the best job but for me it isn't. Imagine if you do anything wrong and get scolded by your dad then you still need to face him at home after work. You can hate your boss or curse your boss but not your dad right? But so far my working days is great and smooth. Maybe because of me, my dad's mood seems to better than usual :p Always sing, dance, play and eat at shop LOLOLOL.

So today I'm going to blog about my favourite male singer's concert that I went last Sunday! Yes, my baby JAY CHOU!!! My second time to his concert! You can read the first concert  HERE. This time I go with the Chew Brothers and my sis. I'm very lucky that my bf love Jay too or maybe can said that he is pretty much a more hardcore fan than me! He went to his concert for a few times, bought alot of merchandises and CD/DVD/VCD. If I didn't meet him, I think I won't have my very first time last 2 years. Not because I don't support Jay, its just because I got no place to stay, no people to bring me to the buy ticket, no people go with me but God bring him come to my side! hehehe ❤❤❤ 

I think that to have the same Idol with your partner is really good because you can go to events, concerts and to discuss bout same idol together. Or else whenever you are talking something bout your idol, he/she will be like "Ohhh! Who cares? Stop it bitch!" HAHAHA :p

Selca before heading to Stadium :p

 Spot the thing on my face? lolllll

 Close up!

 Yayyy! I ❤ [[J]]AY!

 Bf and I! ❤

 Me and Jay? lollll

 Simple concert OOTD with my JAY HAHAHA

 Group Shot!

 I ❤ JAY CHOU!!!

And I also meet with my babes there before the concert started!

My babe Aiko! We know each other through Instagram and finally we get to meet each other in real life! HAHAHA She is so sweet! Love chu!

No need I introduce again I guess? Everyone knows her! Nv Shen Yumi Wong and also my Hui Hui! ❤❤❤ I love how Yumi smile in this photo! Super sweet! And she is super tall, you can see the difference in our height :(  Oh yea, I also love my Hui Hui so much, especially her eyes :p Cutenyaaaa

 Sister love.

 Couple love :p

 Blurry Group Photo HAHAHA =))


Before the concert started!!!

Okay, something bad happen right before the concert started! My 4 years old compact camera broke down! Damn sad lo! But maybe is a good thing also as I won't keep on taking photos and can concentrate on the show! Gonna get a new camera again! $$$$$$

But still, I'm able to snap a few photos by using iPhone and my TR15, just that they are all in bad quality HAHAHA. DON'T CARE! I still wanna upload them here :p

This time our seat is much more closer than 2 years ago one hehe. Like so near yet so far wtf HAHAHA

This is where Jay Chou came out from the opening. Kinda look like Cinderealla Pumpkin Carriage HAHAHA

 Annyeong Oppa!!

 Pretty or not??

 He bring some scene of the movie Rooftop to the concert!

 His smile is really so so so charming!

 His crew is super talented too!

 He look so good in Pink!!!!!

Sea of Pink!!! 

Everyone run to front part of the stage just to get closer with Jay at the end of the concert! SO HIGH! Jumping Jumping!

I didn't take any photo of the 4D effects one because I'm so focus and enjoying the show HAHAHA. It was so touched when it come to the 大合唱! He sang all the old songs and its like bringing us back to his past historical era! He sang alot of my fav songs and some of them were really unexpectable just like he sang my dad's, fav song's 完美主义 LOL!

I do enjoy the concert so much! I think people who sat around me hate me so much because I shout so loud! HAHAHA. It's worth more than the price of the tickets! But the effect of 4D was just so so if we were to compare them to his concert 2 years ago and he fell sick that day. His voice changed but he still hold it for the concert!!! Heart broken you know! :( Hope he is okay now!

Oh yea, the concert is kinda short too! Roughly started at 8.30pm and ended at 10.30pm :(  Want to see him more but also want him to rest more. *dilemma lollll

Last photo after the concert! Back home with happy face!!!

JAY CHOU Please come again!!

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