YAA SUI Party Monster!

10:37:00 PM

Yeap, I went to YAA SUI Party Monster @ 69 Bistro with my piggy, Shini on my birthday night, which is about 1.5 months ago HAHAHA. It's an underground private party that is organised by Lah Lah' Land. FYI, YAA SUI is translate from Cantonese 呀水, which means Swag or Dope. Anyway, its my first time going to a underground private party! :D

I applied Pink eyeliner that day :)  The concept was to focus more on my Makeup because I was super under-dressed HAHAHA

The flash light make me look super pale lol and say Hello to my piggy! HEHEHE

 The dress code was actually Club Kids. Told you right? I was super underdressed HAHAHA.

 See! Alot of awesome people dress up so nicely that day!!! Totally impressed me alot!

 Cool huh?

Random candy treats from Ethan :p

 Who say we can't party with Coke? HAHAHA

 Yours truly, Shini, Ethan and his friend.

 I think Ethan and his friends were the most underdressed one lolll.

Brandon's dress up and makeup was super outstanding HAHAHA. You can easily spot his face you know? The blue face, AVATAR? lolll :))

With Fanny! She won the best dress award of the night! She really look super fabulous! I voted for her too :D

 The lightning =_________________= He look like a HK artist but I don't know who lollll

 Later on, more and more people joined the party!

 The DJ. Cool huh the make up? B-)

Creepy smile! The Joker! HAHAHA. They are really super daring in dressing and mixing with all kind of stuff! I should dress nicely next time!

Cute? :p

Yayyy! Ofcourse we selca alot too. Love chu piggy! :D

So yea, I do enjoy the party so much, it was so much fun! And thanks piggy for dragging me along! :D

They had the 3rd party last week but I couldn't join :(  Never mind!! Looking forward for next party! :D


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