Hard Rock Cafe Penang.

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Ello! So I have pay a visit to Hard Rock Cafe in Penang with my friend and Bf. When? I don't even remember! It was quite a long time ago LOLOLOL. But now only I realise I haven't blog about it because I always go and hunt for foodsssss, Too much until myself also forget already :p  And this friend, she always complain that she never appear in my blog before, so here you go okay? HAHAHA

The signature Hard Rock Guitar! This Hard Rock Cafe is located in the Hard Rock Hotel itself and of course many people go there not only for food but for its nice accommodation. :)

Awesome photo took by Bf!!

You can just ignore my weird outfit. I didn't bring enough clothes HAHAHA.

Rock Shop that sells merchandise! Collectors of Hard Rock T-Shirt will want to come to this shop to buy their T-Shirt as it is one of the must in their collection.

Reserved by Ms Loh HAHAHA. If you plan to pay a visit there, I advise you to make a reservation before you go there because no matter weekend or weekday, it is always FULL!

The Menu. Simple yet classic.

So this is Ms Loh HAHAHAHAHA :)) First thing we did when we met is to take photo, upload to Facebook and make our gf jealous :p

LSP! Don't complain that you never appear in my blog again ya!❤ ❤ ❤

She look at my phone and ...

I look at her phone after that! Wtf loll

Of course a photo with Bf or else he'll will be super jealous :p  But Bf, why you look so sad one? =________=

So, here comes the food porn!

Bf's choice of that day! If not mistaken, this is HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN. I'm really so bad into remembering food's name! :(  I searched for their name on their website but they don't have any photo about the food, but according to the description, I guess this is it! HAHAHA.

This chicken comes in a super big portion!! Half chicken you know? I personally think it look abit ... creepy. It look like a chicken without the head and pour with red blood wtf. But trust me, it taste good!! Especially the Mash Potato!

My Grilled Salmon Steak. Just so... Salmon Steak HAHAHA. I mean it taste good, like what Salmon Steak should taste like but no surprise.

Ms Loh's order. I really really don't remember the name even after I search on their website! :( Forgive me for that. If you do wish to order this next time, just show them my photo, and I'm sure they will know what to order for you :p

My drink of the day. Again, I guess this is BERRILICIOUS.


I don't understand why this LSP won't full one! She even ordered a Hot Fudge Brownie after she ate the half-chicken! But... This brownie taste good except the cream!!!!

So after that we walk around the hotel.

What else? Either Facebook or Instagram!

Weee! Fake long legs! :p

Overall the foods was not bad, environment too. Just my Salmon Steak didn't really reach my satisfaction. I mean for the price, I expect a better one :)  But for me, it's still worth to pay a visit! :D

During these 2 years, I really went to Penang quite often. I'm going there again on Saturday LOL.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang (c/o Hard Rock Hotel Penang) 
Jalan Batu Feringghi 11100, Penang Malaysia

Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11:30AM to 02:00AM
Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday 11.30AM to 2.30AM
Merchandise: Daily 11:30AM to 02:00AM

Phone: +60-4-8811-711 Fax: +60-4-8812-155
Website: http://www.hardrock.com

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  1. Hey Baoer,

    Great post! Don't you just enjoy the fine sandy beach (comparable to surfer's paradise Gold Coast) right next to Hard Rock Hotel Penang?

    We've since visited its seaview suite! Do check out our post as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!