Happy Birthday, My Love.

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Today is my bf birthday!!! I gave him a lil surprise / early celebration on Wednesday. I actually ordered a customised cake for him secretly. Its the first cake that I bought for him throughout our whole 4 years relationship HAHAHA. Because we were like always together for 24 hours! So every time when it comes to his birthday, my family will actually prepare the cake for him. But this time, I did it myself. 

It's a hard job for me because I don't drive HAHAHA. But thanks god! Now we can actually order cake online! I spent alot of time doing research! I planned to buy him a 3D cake but the price of the cake can actually get him his fav sport shoes! So... say goodbye to 3D one lol.

But I really really wanted to get him a special one so I kept on asking my friends and non stop doing research online. Finally I found one! I don't know which flavour should I choose for the cake and the bakery is quite far from my house so I lie to bf. I asked him wanna try lychee flavoured cake or not because there's a new restaurant opening in Ipoh and they are selling it. He was super interested so I asked him to bring me go on Wed. Flavour of the cake?? - Settle! How to get there to bring the cake??- Settle! :P

During these 2 weeks, there's a few times that Bf almost "smell'' the surprise HAHA. As he login to my email and Facebook, I'm so worried that he will spot those message that I send out. *I sent alot of PM and email to bakeries before!!! We almost argue when I asked him don't login to my Facebook anymore and he tot I got secret or what =__________=

So, on Wednesday, after class Bf asked me to go the restaurant to try the new cake but that time was still so early, I made an appointment with the bakery and said that I will collect the cake at 2.30pm, so how can we go so early! *And I can't make a call infront of him He also start questioning me, where's the restaurant, do they serve main courses and so on. I don't know how to answer him at all HAHAHA.

After lunch we went to take the cake together, I mean to go to the "restaurant" LOL. On the way going there, we almost argue again! Because we can't find the location HAHAHA. I never been there before and I don't know where it is too but I try to google the location before we go out and I found it, just that, who knows the google map didn't bring us to the right place. :(  So bf started mumbling! Asked me why I never do research first and bla bla bla! I was quite angry because he don't know what I plan for him! I was also quite nervous because that time was about nearly 3pm, I'm worried that the staff will call me then Bf will get to know the truth! 

After round round and round, Bf asked me to give him the name of the bakery and he started to google it. He was like "Huh? This is not a cafe wo! I tot you bring me to those nice environment cafe for some high tea. And what if today they don't have lychee cake?" I almost burst and asked him to Shut up then I said I will call the bakery and ask for the location. You know what he said to me? He said:" Wah, You so desperate meh? I try so hard to calm myself down LOL.

Then finally we found and reached the place. He was like "Bakery leh! Not cafe.." I asked him to wait me in the car and I go buy the cake myself. I asked him to open the door for me when I get back to the car and once he saw the cake that I'm holding him, he shouted "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS??!!!" I laugh like shit and said My baby birthday is coming!!!! And who the hell keep scolding me just now?!!! He was quite touched and also guilty I think, he also kept apologising to me LOL.

I don't know where we can go because most of the restaurant don't allow us to bring in our own food and we already had our lunch, so we just went back  home as we want that moment to be only for two of us. :)

You know what? Bf keep asking me for the price of the cake when we are on our way back. He said he wanna know that I got so stupid and spend so much on a cake or not! Damn him! I tell him that the price is not important but the meaning are! There is a hidden meaning behind the cake!!!! Then he was so curious! LOLOLOLL.

 He said that the cake that I bought was so big. Bigger than the one he bought for my birthday HAHAHA.

 See his face! He was so surprise! His respond was really like a kid! :*  He keep asking me "How do you do this? How?" HAHAHA. He said it's the first time that someone actually prepare him a birthday surprise and its the first time that he receive this type of cake. He never thought that the design of the cake will be his face LOL.

 This is how the cake looks like! Cute or not? HAHAHA

 I shouldn't ask the staff to write 生日快乐 one because Bf don't know Chinese LOL.

 I also ordered 2 customised cupcake. This is Bf's face! *His eyes where got that big one? HAHA

 And this is me! With Pink dip dye HAHAHA =))

He is wearing a NIKE Sports outfit as Nike is always his fav brand. If you were wondering why he is holding a bear, the bear is actually our baby, Chutney. The first soft toy that he bought for me as a Christmas present after we date each other. Chutney is like our son, our family member. The cake and the cupcakes is actually like our family portrait :P

 3D and 2D HAHAHA.

 Bello! :D

Of course, we also selca with the cake :p

 He don't want the candle to spoil "his face" so he put it on the cupcakes. :p

 Making wishes :D


 Seriously, the cake is so pretty and we don't really want to cut it but still.... HAHAHA

Not only the cake look good, the taste was so so good too!!!! There's really lychee inside the cake! At first I was quite worried that will it taste weird because I never try lychee flavour before, but this is really so damn good!!! Bf love it too! :x

I know its only a cake but I really spend so much time and love to plan and make it come true. Hope that he is happy with this mini birthday surprise and appreciate me more :p

Once again, Happy Birthday baby. Ney Ney and I love you!  ♡♡♡

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