Double 2.

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Yes, I'm 22 now! Everything is just like in a blink of an eye and I'm from 18 to 22 now. :(  Life is a b*tch but we still have to move on loll!

I don't really like birthday surprise because I just don't know how to react and it will make me feel awkward! So I warned my bf not to buy me any cake because it's kinda waste of money and we never once finish the cake we bought.

So that day I washed my hair after dying it *I'm back to pink hair ,  Bf took me a cake, I mean a piece of cake HAHAHA.

This one! So I was like okay, acceptable! Somemore is a strawberry cake! 

Then after I dry my hair, he took for me another cake! 

A full sized one! HAHAHA. My first response  "Hey, I thought I told you not to buy cake!" But is quite sweet isn't? :p

He brought me for 'shop till you drop' on that day because I want shopping as my birthday present wtf lol. Still he got me something recently and I regard it as a birthday present. Will blog about it soon hehehe! :x

I also had a belated birthday celebration with my gfs, Audrey and Jess. :)

I tied up my hair that day :)

Spot my pinky hair?

So round LOL.

We went to Bulgogi Brothers at e@Curve to have our dinner together! Our first time makan there!

Somehow, I think their choices of side dishes is kinda less but their corn is super sweet and nice!!

Pumpkin soup! It's like a dessert to me lol.

Unyangsik Bulgogi! 200gram @ RM45.90

Heart shaped one! So cute!!!

But you can't see any heart shape anymore after cooking it, because it melts after looking at me lol. Btw, The mushroom also taste so good, they are juicy and fill with some special sauce!

Kkotdeungsim Modum, 300gm @ RM85.90. It's a combination of Bulgogi's best : Kkotdeungslm, Galbi Kkotsal , Chadol Baki.

It taste good but I personally prefer Unyangsik Bulgogi more! :D

For more info: Bulgogi Brothers Malaysia

And we went to The Apartment for second round!

They brought me cake too! It's full of strawberry.

Pretty or not??? ♥ ♥ ♥

Making wishes! A lot lot lot of wishes I made :p

With them ♥!! Jess (right) was so busy because she was moving to a new house that day, but she still manage and try her best to join us! Sweet huh?

Love you guys!! :D

Thanks my bf and gfs for the simple yet happy celebration! Also you guys! Thanks for all the wishes!!!  XOXO!

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