Despicable Me 2 Fever!

12:53:00 AM

Ba Ba Ba, Ba ba nana
Ba Ba Ba, Ba ba nana

Alright, I just can't stop playing and singing this Banana and Potato Song. This song is just too cute, isn't??

Watched the Despicable Me 2 with bf last week. My mouth was like opened during the whole movie time because minions is just too cute!!!! I smiled once I saw them! *cutenessoverload

 Gru's daughter. Margo, Agnes and Edith.

And I love Agnes a lot! She is so sweet and cute!

You will melt once you look at her eyes :p  I want my daughter to look like her! Big eyes with fringe LOLOLOL.

 But of course, I love minions the most! No matter how they look like, with one eyes or two, fat or thin, tall or short lollll

I want them as my pet and I will feed them with a lot of banana!!!!

You won't know how much I love them until you see my toes and finger nails covered with all their faces and banana!!!

My DIY Banana Nail Art!

And my DIY Minions Nail Art! :D

I also took a photo with Minions!!! From far I thought they were so short until I need to squat down or lower down by body to take a photo with them but when I get nearer and nearer and nearer, things become clear and big, I found that I actually had the same height with them! WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA =))

I think mostly everyone know this game, Minion Rush. I'm really addicted to this game because of their sound and expression lol. I also think that I score quite well in this game :p Feel free to challenge me! HAHA

Till then. XOXO :x

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