Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ One Utama.

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You know what? I'm sitting infront of my lappy for around 1 hour already and I haven't type anything because I'm thinking on how to start this post and with what kind of introduction to put in. *Damn! HAHAHA. I really got no idea on how to start a daily life's post lollll.

So, it was just another date with my ex colleague, Deb. We went for brunch at Pao Xiang @ One Utama before she went to work hehe.  Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh is one of my fav when I was working and of course now is still my fav lah! There are a few branches of them but I only go to the one situated at One Utama, because it's near to my place, the boss is so friendly and eating in OneUtama can even collect OneCard's points lolololllll!

 Simple OOTD  :)

I love the top so so much! I like the gold round stud! I love all thing with stud la okay HAHAHA.

Reached there and while waiting for Deb, I force bf to help me to take another photo of OOTD :p

Full of people that day!

Their bak kut teh is different from others because, we are able to choose on which cut of part that we like, such as trotters, half lean half fat, soft bones etc. If we go to those normal stall that sell bak kut teh, all they did is basically mix all the pork cuts inside. Besides, their meat is tender, juicy and it's kinda like those selected meat, and when you are eating, you can feel that those meat are worth paying for us to eat. You can also orders come sides dishes.

Deb and your truly  ♡  Love her long fringe!!!

 She is so tall! I'm so jealous that she has long leg!!! :(

Because bf don't pretty much took photo of us that day, so we selca ourself HAHAHA #girlsbeinggirls


And the food had been served.

Sweet and Sour Vegetables and in mandarin we called it as 酸菜. I'm pretty sure everyone know this. The vegetables is fresh, the soup is concentrated and the taste is pack with those sweet and sourness of the original sweet and sour vegetable. HAHAHA I even finish up all the soup leh HAHA

Bf's Pan Fie Soul. Just look at the lean meat, it's indeed very tender, juicy and not that kinda of dry type.

Mine! Luan Kut! I love the soft bone so so much!!! HAHAHA. If you like those fat meat, I would suggest you guys go for Ka Chak or Ka Wan!! It tasted so so good! The fat doesn't taste disgusting, it just like chicken feet, full of collagen! Thumbs up! I just have Ka Chak as my dinner just now HAHAHA.

Uncle was so surprise when I order Ka Wan for the first time because most of the girl won't choose to eat Ka Wan because of the fat lollll. Thats why I'm fat la! Who cares? As long as the food is nice! After that only diet lo! :p

Deb's Sum Chan Bah! Sum Chan Bah is nice too! The mixture of fat, meat and skin,with an equivalent volume of thickness all together melt in your mouth! Imagine that, its feel like heaven.  Nom Nom!

The reason why I love Pao Xiang is also because of their soup! Their soup is so thick and their taste is different from others as well! Uncle said they use a lot of herbs to cook their soup! I always refill the soup everytime I eat there hehehe :p And also I like they way they give us an option to choose on which cut of pork that I would like to eat eventhought the price may vary slightly a lil bit and it's still worthy.

Pao Xiang also served something special with Bak Kut Teh, which is Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Shark's Fin! I tried their Abalone and Sea Cucumber before with bf and his bro!! But I only managed to capture the photo of Abalone because my camera was out of battery that time. I do take photo of the sea cucumber but its in my iPhone 4 and I gave it to my mum already, so I'm sorry :(

Here's the photo of Herbal Tea Abalone. 5 Abalone in one bow, cost around RM50 if not mistaken :)  This is so good! I never think that Abalone can be that match with the Herbal Tea!!! Of course the Sea Cucumber also taste nice but if you guys wanna try, I would recommend the Herbal Tea Abalone to you guys!

That's it!  Bye Bye HAHAHA :p

Address: P282 Lower Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre. 
(LG floor, New Wing, follow the corridor in between Maxis Centre and Effective Herbs.) 
Contact: 03-7725 2599

Good Night! HAHAHA :)) 


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