Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Group Gathering.

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It happened on the lovely Sunday over a week ago. I attended the Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Group Gathering with a bunch of bloggers of NNFFG. Fashion Fabulous Group brings all the fashion bloggers who strive to be up-to-date with the latest fashion and beauty fads and we share our passion to fashion together! So glad that I'm been invited and become a part of them! Thanks Nuffnang! 

This is the first time I attended the group gathering since I join this group. I was super excited and nervous the day before. I was worried that I might be alone and no one willing to be friend with me! I'm those kind people that will be so worried and shy at the first meet but if the other side is so friendly and willing to talk with me, I will become so enthusiasm LOL. I'm always afraid to know new people so this is really a good challenge or a chance for me to train myself because I know none of them inside the group HAHAHA. 

Alright, I actually know one of them la, who is Jessica but we only chat in Facebook and never meet in real life. =__________= And she knew a few of them in the group so I seriously was so so so worried!!!!! Jessica told me she got no transport so I decided to pick her up at her house and we went to the place together, so at least the first moment I won't be alone and her place is not really far from mine also la. I actually whatsapp her the day before and ask her to take care of me that day. Now you know how much I'm worried HAHAHAHAHA.

 On the way to Jessica's place. I means I selca while on the way to Jessica's place HAHAHA.

The gathering was held at Warehouse Art and Cafe. Some photo of the environment :)

2 "Joanne" with me in this photo. Left is Joan and right one is Joanne lollll.

Me and Joanne! She is just 17 now and she is so stylish! Most of them are just 17,18,19. I really feel I'm freaking old compare to them! Joanne is the second blogger I met once I reached there and Thank god she is so friendly! :p

And this is Jessica! Another super young girl! Got this photo from her and it was taken by his Casio Tr150! 传说中的自拍神器! OMFG! This camera is really so good for girls who like to selca, like us lolll. The effect of it was so so good! So meng huannn HAHA. Everyone love her camera! So 1 photo of course not enough one la.. HAHA

It was our first meet but no any awkward moment! Not even one second! It is just like we knew each other for a very long time already lolll.

I actually got a very big pimples on my chin, not sure is it because I'm too nervous or what. Everytime I got date or event, my chin sure pop out pimples one! And this magical camera just cover my pimples nicely and make my skin look so good! Don't need photoshop anymore!

My face again :p

 OOTD ❤❤❤

This sky juice is so special! It tasted like hot dog to me but it taste weird to them. Joanne said it taste like cockroach, I wonder how she know the taste of cockroach! HAHAHA.

Sue Ann from Nuffnang give us a short brief after everyone arrived. My first time to meet Sue Ann too. She is so cute and love to smile!!! :D

Nuffnang invited several renowned fashion names in the local industry to the gathering too, which include  Phatculture , Pestle & Mortar and Milktee . The co-founders give us a short brief about their shop too :)

 May from Phatculture. She is so pretty!

Ying and Lim from Milktee. They are so friendly and give us a good quality of basic tee as gift! Thank you so much! ♥

Arnold Loh from Pestle & Mortar. Their clothes is quite nice and I actually wanna get some for bf LOL.

After the brief introduction of their shop, there was a mix and match contest for us. We need to pair up with another member to choose our favourite coordinate among the display by the 3 boutiques, snap a picture and get the most comment to win the prizes. Another I-am-so-worried moment, I was afraid to be left out and no one wanna be in a group with me wtf. HAHAHA. But they are so friendly and I got my partner, which is Carolyn. :D

It's like an opportunity for me to shop loll.

This Jessica is too slim! Povy help her to pin up the skirt because it is too loose for her skinny waist. Povy is super slim too! They just make me feel like hitting the wall! How to be as slim as them!!! Ahhh!! Forget to take photo with Snow White, Povy  =___________=

So this is the coordinate that we choose! Monochrome X Denim. It's from Milktee and Phatculture :)

 I think we really look quite match HAHA.

I love the Monochrome dress and the Gradient Denim Shirt so much! ♥

 Another photo of me and Carolyn. Ignore my messy hair HAHA.

Grab this photo from Nuffnang's blog. Carolyn, Me and the double J, Joanne and Joan. :p

We didn't get to win the contest but still Thanks to everyone who voted for us! I was so touched when I saw   those friend that I had not been it contact with for a long time voted for me. So much loves!!!! Thanks!!! :D

 Oh yea, they prepare us some yummy canapes too hehe!

I forget and I didn't get to eat this. They told me it taste good! AHHHHHHH  ~X(

Most of us didn't take our breakfast and we were so happy to see the canapes HAHA. Jessica's rainbow skirt actually quite match with Joan's pastel shorts lol.

With the pretty bloggers.  Joanne, Melissa, Jessica, Your truly, Carolyn and Joan ;)

With Jessica. Why you so cute!!!!

With Melissa! Aww, She is so pretty and so cute that day!!! Nice to meet you! :x

Melvita were so kind to give us mini prizes for an intensive pop quiz session! I knew Melvite for quite a long time but never try out their product and finally! Thankiuuu!!!!

Thanks Nuffnang for organizing this gathering and glad to meet all of you! XOXO! :">

Gonna end this post with my face :p Took this by using Jessica's cam again. It's quite blur because I haven't get used of her camera yet but still I think it look good! HAHAHA

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