Hello Genting!

2:19:00 AM

Finally got some time to blog!!!

Done with the toughest paper this morning, I mean yesterday, Saturday's morning lolll.  Not dare to say that I did a great job but at least I give my best. 2 more papers then I will be graduating soon! *If I pass for all those subject of course!

Watched Iron Man 3 with family and bf just now! It's so hard to please my dad to watch a movie with us in cinema but this time he asked us to watch a movie with him! See, The power of Iron Man 3. My bro was super excited! It's his 3rd time to cinema lolll. He was scared at first because the speaker was too loud but a second after that, he was like the ironman in the movie, just that he was sitting on the couch. he even "WOW' so loud when he saw Tony putting on the Iron Man suit. So cute you know? HAHAHA

This movie is really worth watching it. Everything is so good and my tears drop when I first saw Tony sacrificing himself and let the the Iron Man suit protect his girlfriend, Pepper. Don't know why that scene really make me feel so touch! The storyline was good but I don't really like the ending :3  Don't want to tell you whats going happen in the movie because I don't want to be a spoiler. I'm quite angry with people who keep on posting out spoiler on facebook and twitter, they are just making on not having anymore excitement and surprise for the movie. *justsaying.

Anyway, this is not today's topic lolll. I'm gonna blog a short post about my one day trip to Genting with Bf and his family last week. It been a long time since I didn't go to Genting and bf's family wanted to go there to chill out so here we are.

This is what we called as 机不离手 lollll.

Simple OOTD ♡♡

 We didn't go for outdoor fun park because everything there was the same and there was nothing new =_________= but we did ride some of the indoor rides :)

But there's something new for me this time. The CASINO!! Finally I can go into casino! My first time going into casino, was super excited that day. The guard stopped at the entrance and ask how old am I. I told him I'm 22 now! And he look at me again and ask me to show him IC. Okay la, I know I looked so young! :p

People used to say if it's your first time to Casino, you have the big chances of winning some money but Bf and I just prove this statement is totally wrong. We both lose some money but not more than RM100 la!

So after that we give up and bring bf's lil bro to play some arcade games.

My fav place when I'm still a little girl.

But now no more! Nothing much thing to play now. Kinda disappointed :(

Selca when they were playing games :p

 Me and Bf ♡ He look so young in this photo! And he hide behind me, makes me look so round!! ~x(

 Another Selca :p My fringe getting long again!!!! SHOULD I CUT IT??

There's are some performers that day and this is one of it. Can you see he pierce a ring on both his nipples? LOL

 He actually slide the sword to his throat! Wondering whether is it a gimmick or pure performance. I feel like vomit while seeing this. :-&

After watching the 4D short movie, we then went back to KL for din din. The 4D show sucks! I can't remember what I watch for the whole show! It got not much of a effect and it only makes everyone feel like puking! 4D in Universal Studio was so impressive! How come Genting one was so different! And we queue for almost an hour for the show! :(

Enough of complaints. We went to Italiannies to have our dins.

 As usual, my fav Seafood Risotto! I wanna try to cook it one day!!!!

Carbonara. I don't like it because its too creamy and cheesy!

 I don't remember what is this. I just know it's chicken HAHAHA

Risotto with fish. This is good but still the Seafood one is the best!!!

Yayy! Till then. I'm gonna crash! Haven't sleep since yesterday because of revision.
Now I'm half dying and my eyes are half opened lolll

Good Night ♡

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