A date with lil princess.

12:52:00 AM

Once upon a time, I went Penang with my bf to visit my sis and also my aunty. *so you know this is another old story lollll

Today's post is basically a picture post. A post that is full of a cutie princess's photo!!!! My aunty is a babysitter and she take care of a mix blood baby girl now! 

This was my first time seeing her and she just make me feel like wanna have a baby LOL. She is so so so adorable!!! 

See!! How cute!!!!! Alot of people said she look like korean! She got a bad habit! She like to open her mouth when she plays or look for something HAHAHA.

 Her name is Tong Tong. :D

 With oversize dress that my sis bought for her lollll. My sis like to buy her dresses!!

We brought her to Queensbay Mall to have lunch. She was so excited when she know we were bringing her out that day hehe.

Her face is so so so chubby and she makes everyone feel like kissing her cheek!!!!! Like fishball huh? :p

Bf took alot of her pictures that day and there was not even one which was mine! :-?  Tong Tong don't really like me =______= She like my bf and my bf love her max. Everyday my bf wanted to facetime with her.

Just look at the cheek!!!! How can she be so adorable!!!

HAHAHA This picture is so cute! She wanted to play with bf's iPhone but at the same time, she wanted to drink. LOL. Her double eye lid is so deep!! Jelly!!

Last picture of her lollll. CUTE OR NOT??!!! Can I create a Fans Page in Fb for her? HAHA. I personally think that she is so perfect with 亞歷山大Alexandre!!

This! Quite match huh? HAHA. Alexandre is also a mix blood baby! Damn adorable too!  Please give me a baby who look like Alexandre or Tong Tong! MAMAWANNABE! LOL

That day, we went Tambun to have our dinner.
 My all time fav海鲜煲!! I don't know what is the name of this food in english hmmp. Claypot Sea Cucumber? LOL



Bf's fav Crab!

And this!! Giant Oyster!!!!

 Huge huh?

The Oyster is bigger than my hand!!!  I love oyster so so much! I can eat more than 20 Oysters in one shot lololollll 

That's it la. A very simple day but also a very special day, because my heart's melt by the princess lollllll 

Till then. 

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