Looking back, Checking back!

10:12:00 PM

Time flies! It's 31st today! Few more hours to 2013! OMG! Can't believe I'm turning to 22 already! *so sad! #gettingold!

And it's time to look back my 2012 to-do-list! :p

1. Save Money!
Okay, This one I really did it! I save some money and I also spend it HAHAHA. But who cares? I did save money!! :p

2. Increase the stupid CGPA!
I also increased my CGPA le! Although only a lil bit but still improved and I didn't fail any subject in this sem! I always thought that I might fail my internship but Thanks god, I get to passed that 3 suffering month! :)

3. Keep my hair long!
Hmm... About my hair again HAHAHA. My hair is freaking long but my fringe is so short now #wtf I tried to keep my fringe long this year but most of my friend told me it doesn't suit me well, so I cut it again.

 See! Quite long right?! :p

Long fringe really don't suit me well. My face look more round with long fringe. LOL. At least I try to keep it long before lah LOL

4.  Stop buying T-shirt!
I think this one is the most successful one! I didn't buy any T-shirt this year if not mistaken! So proud of myself HAHAHA

5. Only one toy in this year!  :(
I did it!!!!!  Was dilemma in choosing camera or iPhone5 before. I think you guys know which one I choose right? LOL.

Yes! Only got an iPhone5 for myself this year! But it's enough to make me poor like hell.

6. Sleep earlier!
I did it in during my internship but dark eyes circle is still there so I give up on it already HAHAHA.

7. Drink more water!
I think I will never achieve this. =___________=

8. Diet!
Bf said I look more cute if I gain some weight, so........ HAHAHA

9.  Update my blog always! :">
Awww! This one I think you guys can be my witnesses. I blog often this year :D I said I should blog around 60 posts in this year. Including this post, there's 54 blog post in 2012! Not bad right? Didn't reach 60 but nearly to 60! *claps

10. Drive More!
Forget bout it please. zzzzzzz

11. Love my bf more!
Okay la Okay la. I did it la ok? Mr.D ♥♥♥

12. Keep my room clean always!
Mr.D, this one is what you want me to write and accomplish! So, did you help me to accomplish this task? :p

13. To complete a 10km marathon again!
Nahhh.. About this one, not I don't want to join but it was full. I just can't register LOLLLLL

OMG. I complete almost all of it! Good girl!!! HAHAHA. Gonna create a 2013 to-do-list soon! :D
Happy New Year Eve Guys! Love ya ♥

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