Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

4:24:00 PM

It's finally sembreak now! Got so much time to blog this month :D December is really the best month of the year 2012 for me! Got so many happy news and toys this month! :)

After my final paper last Monday, me and bf straight away went back to Ipoh as I am away from home for about 2 weeks already. Once I'm back, mama called me and said that my parcel had finally reached! Gosh, I'm so excited that time!

 So can't wait to unwrap it! :D

This is it!!!

The 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display!!!!

Actually I wanted to change a lappy so long ago. I always tell Papa I wanted a MacBook Pro and he ask me to check it out and tell him how much it cost but I'm too lazy to do so. HAHA. And finally last week, I decided to settle the whole case as my lappy is already so old and it lag most of the time when I'm using photoshop! I can't believe Papa just really make my dream come true! He really bought it for me! I'm so so so happy! :D Papa is the best!!!

Epic small power brick

New "Magsafe 2" from Apple

AC adapter and some cables

Some paperwork and manuals from Apple, as always every Apple product comes with Apple stickers

This baby MacBook Pro is so slim! It's just thicker than the iPhone 5 a few millimeter! The resolution and the color of the retina display is so much better compare to my old lappy HAHAHA! The trackpad is so smooth and convenient. I feel so good of touching it! Basically it is a comprehensively powerful little machine :p

Papa also got us an iPad with retina display last few weeks. Everything is in retina display goshhhh! Everything come in this month! How can I not be happy? HAHAHA. But I still need to spend a lot on accessories like case, bag, magic mouse and bla bla bla! :( Anyone want to sponsor me? I can give you my bank account number! HAHAHA

Thanks to my lovely Papa a lot!! I will always be a good girl! HAHAHA Btw, this is my first blog post posted by my MacBook Pro! So happy! :D

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