The New iPhone 5!

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It's 6.30am right now and I'm still awake! Just back from the Maxis iPhone 5  launching event! Not just back la actually, I reached home around 4am because I went for supper HAHA. I also spent a lot of time to edit and resize photo LOL.

So, back to the topic. Yes! Finally iPhone 5 is officially in Malaysia now!!!! I got myself a White iPhone 5 as previously I am using a black iPhone 4 and the white iPhone 5 look so elegant! *It's my first toy that I get for myself this year!! Of course I got one for my sis too LOL! Albee Tang, Happy now? Can concentrate on your exam already? HAHAHA!! I'm actually so excited now! Can't believe it is on my hand now! Don't jealous please! HAHAHA

This is actually a midnight launching event that was held at CapSquare and only invited people can attend this event. Thanks Bf for getting me the invitation :D This event started at 9pm and we went there earlier. Oh ya, I went there with Bf and his bro :)

We reached there around  8pm and there are people queueing up already but thanks god, the queue was not so long that time! As I mention before, the event started at 9pm but the launching of the iPhone 5 is actually at 12am! HAHA

 Ignore my fake smile please :p

 We need to register first before we go in.

 Started to queue up again after registration, =_______________=

They prepared us donut, coffee and milo but guess what? The drink is hot one! Damn! You know how hot and pack is it? Still give us hot drinks! Really want to burn people up and get some fight LOL

 This is the queue infront of us!

 And this is the one behind us! We can't even see the ending of the queue!

 Got the Nano Sim before got the iPhone HAHA.

Suddenly people around me started to sit down and they are surrounding me while I stand alone in the middle >''<

And we also sit down after awhile HAHA.

 There's a lot of DJ today! Myfm, Hitz fm and bla bla bla

 Finally the time is getting near!

 Keep on counting down and counting down....

 And counting down!

 Finally! 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! ....


It's here!!!!!!!!!! :D

 The first guy who get his iPhone 5 in this event! He went there at 10 o'clock in the morning! GOSH!!! 

 I'm no 0081! Not bad right? I'm one of the first 100 among those thousand people behind us from getting the iPhone 5 in this event LOL

 So happy! HAHA

 It's my turn to go in finally!

 There's 45+ Payment Counter but doesn't mean it's fast -.-

 I actually feel so nervous when it's almost my turn to get the iPhone! Idk why! LOL

 My Number!!!

It's suppose to be very fast and easy but I actually stuck at the counter for more than half an hour I guess! At first they told me my phone number haven't tie up with the plan which means I didn't register just now! WTF?!!  I registered twice okay? Nevermind! After that, they told me they can't swap my credit card! Actually it's their credit card machine that is having problem but they doubt my card is overlimit or what! It's impossible! So I need to call the bank and wait for their reply! Gosh!!!!!

 I actually got frustrated that time! x(  I swap for my iPhone for the first time and it was just okay but when I pay for my sis one, they said they can't swipe my card and they just pull out the card while the machine is still 'Receiving' details from the bank, so they don't know whether my card had been charged or not. See! So not pro! I was so worried that I can't get the for my sis or the unit will be out of stock before I pay LOL but ofcourse I got it at last! :D 

 Here's the 'Collection Counter'. After paying and settling all the document stuff, we need to proceed to this counter to get our phone.

 Bf is waiting for his iPhone 5 ♥♥♥

 See the white and black boxes? It's all iPhone!!! :D

 Moved to 'Unbrick Counter' after that to check and activate our new phone! :D

 Hello My Baby! :-*

 She is so SASSY! :x

There's another counter selling casing and screen protector for iPhone 5. I didn't get anything because they look sucks LOL

 We also got a free T-shirt as we are the Maxis One Club Member :)

 And then say bye bye to the Consumer Hall and get back to our home with new toy!!!

This is what I see when I came out from the hall! The queue is still so long!!!! And I saw someone posted on Facebook saying that the 32GB and 64GB model is already out of stock since 3.30am! A lot of people can't get it eventhough they queue for the whole freaking night! So pity and I feel myself is just so lucky :p

Went supper before we went back home. *We didn't take dinner yesterday!!! 

Here it is!!

 The Black and White iPhone 5!!

The front view!

 Back view!

 Baby is so slim!!!! SEXY!!!

 Comparison with iPhone 4!

See the differences? :D

Finally a couple phone with my BF
Will blog about the review! Stay Tuned!!
Now gonna go play with my new sassy baby! Bye then :D 

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