Hello 2013!

6:46:00 PM

First post in 2013 :D  Gonna follow the trend of blogging bout the to-do-list/ wishlist/ resolution of 2013 HAHAHA.

Flash back to the special moment of 2012.........
#1 Bleach & Dip dye my hair.
In Purple. In Blue. In Pink. And combination of all of it HAHAHA.

#2 First job experience in my life! Get the first salary in my life!
Got the first job in June 2012 at KL for my internship. First time leaving my home,papa and mama for that long, first time working in my life! My salary was slightly higher than other coursemate :p

#3 Done my internship.
It's same as #2 lah :p

#4 Went BKK with bf!
The very first trip that we went together! Only both of us! :) *Ihaven'tblogboutit HAHAHA

#5 Got myself an iPhone 5!
Oh yes! The only toy that I got for myself in 2012 :) but poor like shit now!

#6 Papa got me a Macbook Pro with retina display!
Awww! Papa is always the best!!! He always give me whatever I want!!! Love him to the max!!!

Okay! Time for the to-do-list or so called resolution for 2013 of mine :D

#1 Graduated!
Next week will be the starting of a new and final semester for me in UTAR. Must graduate in May! Hope to  increase my CGPA in this last semester!

#2 Get a job after graduate!
Must get a job, start another journey of my life after graduate! Of course must take a short break first :p Still don't know wanna stay at Ipoh or go KL for work! Hmm.. Be a full time blogger can ah? HAHAHA.

#3 Travel Travel Travel!
Wanna travel to the place I've never been to! HK or TW maybe? hehehe

#4 Save money!!!!
A must!!!! After graduated, papa will not be giving me any pocket money already! Must save some money for future LOL

#5 Be a pro driver!
I need to drive to work next time so I must improve my driving skill. Maybe not to say be a Pro but at least Pass!!!

#6 Keep blogging!
Wish I still can keep blogging after I get a job!

#7 Don't spend too much!
Not sure whether this resolution is the same as #4 or not LOL. But I think is different lah :p Must control myself, do not buy something that I never used. Think twice before spend! :D

#8 Buy things for bf!
Nah! This one my bf keep remind me to write it! Okay lah! Buy you more present this year! I buy u more and you will buy me even more! HAHAHA Love ya~

That's it lah I guess. It's not about quantity but quality! HAHAHA! Hope that 2013 can be a good good year to me and you guys too!!!! HEHEHE ♥♥♥ 

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