Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵.

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I'm back! LOL. Didn't blog for one week already. *guilty! So addicted to Running Man nowadays, that's why I got no time to blog hahaha. Anyway, its a food post today! :D

I'm not a Ramen Lover actually but I fell in love with Menya Musashi Ramen after I tried once! :D I knew Menya Musashi quite a long time already but everytime I went there, my camera is always not with me lol. There's one day, a japanese guy came to me with a magazine asking me where is Menya Musashi in One Utama. I was so curious on what is so special about this Menya Musashi , even Japanese Magazine publish about it and Japanese people also come here to look for it! So bf google and found that people listed it as the best ramen in japan and now it is here in Malaysia!!!

Since it has so many good comments, Bf and I went there for a try!

 We used to order the Musashi Ramen- RM26. The different between the others will be the slices of pork Chashu and egg.

You can choose any size of noodles for Tsukemen and the price it's the same! Means no matter what size you order either 1 serving or 2.5 servings, the price will be the same too! You just you need for if you wanted extra soup! So good right? But I never try it before HAHAHA.

This picture was taken on my second visit to Menya Musashi. It wasn't that famous that time, because not much of people knew about it.

But now! You need to queue most of the time! Gosh!!! It's getting famous! Because they serve the best ramen in the town! Getting more and more people know about it! Oh no!!!

 Here's the Ramen that we order!

 I choose Kara soup! It's cook with Home made Musashi chili oil and it doesn't taste that spicy but it's an appetizing one. Their Pork Chashu is so damn nice! Super juicy and super big size! If you're a meat lover like me, you sure can't refuse it! And also their egg! It's so soft and the egg yolk is what we call as crystal egg yolk and it melts in your mouth. Give me pork chashu now!!!!!! :(

Bf's favourite! Kuro Musashi Ramen!

Do not get frighten by the colour of the soup! HAHAHA. It's a Special Oil Combined with Fried Shallots and Garlic Oil. Sometimes I think Kuro is better than Kara soup because it is not that oily and the concentrated soup taste great and satisfying. Bf always crave for it and it's the first time I saw my bf so in love in Ramen!!! It's like everytime we went to KL he must at least have one bowl of it. LOL. So you can imagine how good it is!

Brought Bf's family to this place last time :D They love the ramen too! *We queue for 10 minutes that day :( Suggest you guy to pay a visit on weekdays if you don't wanna queue. :)

They have 2 outlet now :)

Menya Musashi @ One Utama
Isetan One Utama, Eat Paradise (Old Wing, 2nd Floor)
Business Hour : Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Fri & Sat & Holiday 11am - 10.30pm  (last order 10pm)

Menya Musashi @ KLCC Jalan P.Ramlee
No.18-1, Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone : 03-2181 6199

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