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I received the first parcel of 2013 last few days! Someone called me and said he is from postlaju, ask me where is my place *that time I was still sleeping. HAHAHA. So hard to explain to him because my malay is not good enough and I'm still so blur LOL but he is quite smart lah because he is able to deliver it to me. Every parcel will also send to my dad's shop because I'm worried that there's no one at home then I need to take all the trouble to go so far to collect back my parcel!!

I totally don't have any idea what is that because I didn't order anything! Waited mama to come back from shop and bring me the parcel!! Run back to my room and unwrap it once I get it!! *so can't wait!!

Is the pinky MIVVA BOX from MIVVA.COM!!!! OMFG!!!!! This is their first box and it's a Special Edition Xmas Box!

I told bf about MIVVA Box before and He really got it for me!!! GOSHHHH!! So sweet!!!

Incase you guys don't know about MIVVA Box. FYI, MIVVA Box is a new kind of online shopping for beauty products. MIVVA is all about discovering and finding beauty products that suits you best. Their mission in creating this thing is for people to discover various brands and unique products, maximize the try and buy concept, learn new skincare and makeup tricks, engage and exchange tips with other beauty enthusiasts.

In doing so, MIVVA will randomly select 5-6 products from different brands for the beauty box and send it to their subscribers! So each and everytime we receive the box, it will be a SURPRISE! It's only RM38 for one month of subscription! All subscriptions would be delivered on the first week of each month.

 Are you ready to see what's inside? :p

The black one is actually a message card. You can subcribe a beauty box for your gf, mama or sister and wrote them a message *like what my bf did. The MIVVA team will write it in this gift card and post it together with the box. So sweet right? :)

Before seeing this, I don't know anything about the message card. When I open it, I was like "Who is Fiqa and Cecilia?" HAHAHA. So I tot maybe the MIVVA Team accidentally inserted me a gift card but bf's face changed and said :"Hey! Where is my message! I wrote a very sweet message to you one!" HAHAHAHA. So cute!!!! He force to me follow him into his room and he open the message through MIVVA's website to proof it to me LOL. *The message is quite sweet one actually! Hohoho He is so disappointed but it's okay la. A very cute mistake! :p

A sweet greeting card from MIVVA Team :D Sweet enough! ♥♥♥

This is it my friends!!! *big grin smile! :D This is what I got! It's just so worthy of a beauty box!!!! Besides products, I also received 2 vouchers that can be use at "Facial First" & "Posh Nail Spa" and booklet of "Stage" & "Facial First"!! MIVVA Team also provide us some paperwork or we can say it as Product Description of the product being delivered and some extra info on other related products.

The beauty products that I got *started from the left
#1 The Last Expert from Stage - I don't know how to wear a fake lashes actually but it look so pretty! Maybe I should give it a try? ;)

#2 Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Sensuous Bath & Shower Gel

#3 Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP (30g)

#4 Heme Genius Blemish Balm Cream SPF28 PA++ (15ml) -Awww! I'm so happy into getting this because I wanted to give a try on this product since long time ago!!! Finally!

#5 PRIVIA Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam

#6 ORIKS Collagen 703 Crystal Cream (1ml x 3)

The MIVVA Team also included a pouch with 2 mini MIVVA button pin for the subscribers! I saw there's a lot of people who got the black colour pouch and I'm so lucky for getting the pink one! I'm in love with this pouch! My favourite hot pink! The quality of the pouch is freaking good too!

I'm so so so happy that I got this beauty box! Thanks Mr.D, Heart you! :"> What I like about Mivva box is the "SURPRISE" feeling LOL and I can experience different brand of products before I purchase the full size product! The box makes me a good consumer where I can discover the quality of the product and from knowing it, I can then purchase the full size of the product in future. LOL Somemore, for only RM38, we can get 5-6 awesome products and this is really worth it!!! The MIVVA Team service is good too!! :D Definitely will go for another box :p

I guess no one can resists of surprise right? :) Let's get the surprise next month! :p
You can Join and subscribe the box here : http://www.mivva.com/join/fc5c21cad0be
The Invitation Code is: DiscoverMIVVA

  Will blog a review on the product after I try all of them :p

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